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Classic Elizabeth Simpson – One of her SEVEREST Canings shot on film!

I’m really happy to announce that the FULL File download for this wonderful movie is finally available at

Click here for FULL Screen Downloads

This was voted the best film of 2004 and I seriously think that this movie sees the long suffering Simpson meeting her nemesis!
Mr Peters was a sadistic & nasty teacher who would cane & verbally abuse his pupils at any ecuse!
Detention with Mr Peters would mean only one thing, a doomed crimson welted bottom for whoever was unfortunate to be detained!
Click on my ad below, I only just added this movie yesterday so I doubt that many other affiliates will have advertised this yet.
You’ll see from this clip the quality of this film, it’s practically DVD quality!!!
All other movies on this site are the same Hi Res format too!
What I’ll also tell you is that this movie is a whopping 38 minutes in length and is relentless in the punishment of poor Elizabeth!

So once again…..I bring you this fantastic FREE Movie Clip ahead of everyone else!  😀


  1. klapka klapka

    What a wonderful, hard caning with Elizabeth gasping for breath and up on her toes as each searing stroke of the cane bites her naked bottom. I also love her summer dress pulled up around her body. Oh for more canings of this standard.

  2. LOVE seeing her lil “gina” peeking out from behind, nice and humiliating for her i
    bet! What a naughty young lady!


  3. Thanks for the comments, guys…..
    Some models really can take a lot more and for this they are better known – such as the wonderful Elizabeth Simpson!
    There’s no faking this punishment, it was deservedly our Film of the Year for 2004!

    Billing Agents etc are becoming more and more strict with the type of content we can or cannot show now…this applies to all film producers.
    No thanks in part to the beardy conservatives in America, who happen to be the biggest hypocrites of all! (sigh)

    Our punishments are often severe, but we ensure that both sides are in complete agreement with what we film.
    Many models demand much more harsher punishment – and we try to oblige where possible! 🙂

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