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Domestic Discipline at Sundown

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This is a great punishment movie from Girls Boarding School which at nearly 1000kbs playback is a nice and clear resolution.
You can see for yourself with the 2 FREE Clips I have provided below along with some stills from the movie so you know the plot.
I was particuarly interested in this movie as it featured a lovely Polish girl called Lisa with a cracking lithe body.
Also the Dom happens to be someone from around my neck of the woods, particuarly his accent!
So don’t mess with boys from the South West of England! LOL  😀

Some of you may know that I adore some of the East European girls we’re lucky enough to get to punish - Lisa certainly doesn’t let us down.

The Story: Lisa was told to clear up the kitchen but she ignores this & selfishly enjoys herself by the pool instead.
Come sundown, and return home from work, her partner sees that she’s done absolutely nothing.
He fetches his cane and waits for her to come in as the sun starts to set.
See the clip below of the first part of her caning whilst standing doing the washing up

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This is only the start of what is to come as she really does get humiliated.
Imagine cleaning the floor on your bare knees, bottom exposed and the cane biting into your exposed cheeks!

Check the pics below of the story in brief!


I love the way she snivels as she is pursued around the hard marble kitchen floor, an excellent punishment movie!

Check out the second clip below as Lisa tries to clean the floor on hands and knees whilst trying to avoid the cane!

click to play here

I’m not sure if this movie has been shown in such detail outside the members Area of Girls Boarding School, but I thought it deserved a mention
I hope you all enjoyed a taster of this fine punishment – Chief.  😀

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