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+++ SpankedSchoolGirl Special OFFER!!! +++

Hi everyone, just got back from a revitalising short break in South Wales (beautiful beaches and great Easter weather!)
I knew that this offer was coming, so as I’ve seen it advertised on – here’s the NEWS!
6 MONTHS Membership for only 39.75 GBP (approx $75)
This gives access to the vast archives of British Schoolgirl Punishments as well as all future updates 3 times a week – & no rebills!!!

Sorry if I sound like a salesman, but I wouldn’t offer you shoddy goods! LOL
Take a look at the offer below and see for yourself, it is strictly limited – but it’s sure to interest a few of you guys!
Click on the image below, it really is a great way to save money on a long term membership!
I’ll get you some more links to FREE galleries etc on this site later when I catch up with all my mail



  1. brad brad

    Chief, WHEW, good thing i didnt join SSG to early, i may just get the 6 month
    membership, great deal really…


  2. Yeah, thinking of you as always, Brad! LOL
    I remember that the SSG webmaster was discussing running a limited promotion after the great success of the Spankingmags promo we had.
    So when I got back from my break I saw that this offer was up and running, I thought my readership deserved to be informed ASAP!

    (my links usually last a little longer than the Promos are intended, but that’s only if the webmaster at the site doesn’t remove the link from his server beforehand, of course!)
    Anyway, I can tell you all that this promotion is going great guns, seems lots of people want to see schoolgirls spanked and caned hard…well, what a surprise!!! 😀

  3. brad brad

    Thanks chief. By the way, in the top photo, bottom right, is the teacher inspecting
    her pussy? GREAT shot, and you know me, humiliation humiliation humiliation!!!


  4. LOL, stay tuned, that was from a mad movie that had poor Joanna doing some exercises on a bike and she was all over the place.
    I’m probably gonna be promoting that movie later with a free gallery.
    It got mucky as well as plain daft, but she was game for a laugh and we certainly thrashed her hard!

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