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Elizabeth Simpson FREE Paddling Gallery

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First of all, apologies for not getting back sooner, I’m on the road at the mo so this is a brief update.
The following Gallery I made yesterday after the film shoot and it featured a nasty American paddle wielded by Miss Smith.
Surprise Surprise, we have decided to call this “American Paddle!”  😀
It’s out now at SPANKMYBOTTOM

Elizabeth really took the full force of this and she’s a girl that can take a hell of a beating, and isn’t phazed by the cane etc.
However, unsure as to what this could inflict, Elizabeth gasped in shock as the first cracks hit her full wobblesome cheeks!
Check out the Gallery below


I will also post some great insider pics of the shoot and I most certainly got some “hands on” action with the lovely Belinda and Katie!
I’ll get these together when I can access a better line and have moe time.
Til then, enjoy this set, it’s a cracker!  😉

PS Don’t forget, for those that have NOT entered, the GLOBES Competition ends Monday (midnight GMT).
Place your guess here to win a WEEK’s FREE SPANKPASS 

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