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I’m really spoiling you with this update today!!! This is a site which I am becoming more & more fond of.
To be honest, being a true blue blooded Brit, I knew little of what goes on across the water in America, but this is a site that I quite like.
So what better than to prove to you just how good it is with some of these fine examples?  😀

Real Spankings Institute updates at least 3 times a week and these consist of good quality movie and pic updates to keep you interested.
I must say that I find American girls dislike for the cane rather puzzling as a slippering or paddling can be a darn site more painful at times!
British and European girls tend to be able to accept taking the cane more from my experience.
But lo and behold, there’s plenty of caning and paddling galore in this site…thank the Lord! LOL
Anyway, this further makes it a firm fave of mine as there are plenty of lovely schoolgirls and uniforms to keep me very happy!
I even notice a few of the girls used on GBS featured here so you know they can take a proper punishment!!
Take a look at the galleries below and you will see what I mean!

Enjoy!!!! Chief  😀

click here for gallery 1 click here for gallery 2 click here for gallery 3
click here for gallery 4 click here for gallery 5 click here for gallery 6

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  1. klapkaj klapkaj

    Thanks and what a wonderful set of photos. GOD doesn’t the paddle bruise thier buttocks heavily. I’ve used a thick hickory paddle a number fo times but have never produced such heavy bruising as the ones shown there so they must have been thrashed really hard. Strange how the Americans just love the paddle and have little experience of the cane. But they love to cut a fresh switch which can be even more severe than a cane sometimes.
    Love to see more of these please.

  2. I shall try my best, I used to be a bit sniffy about some American sites, but some of their content especially at this site, is pretty darned good!
    I’ll take a look around next time I managed to get access and am less busy, after our recxent paddling of Simpson, I know these things can really hurt!

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