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Lupus Spanking Latest Movie Review “Hidden Cam2: The Client”

Latest Movie out now HERE

Following the interest I noted from the hits on the last Lupus Movie Review, I thought I’d make another.
This is the LATEST update at the site and I have managed to find extra images from behind the scenes etc.
Entitled “Hidden Cam2: The Client” it’s about a wealthy man’s desire to spank and cane 2 grown teens!
I’m sure this will encompass many readers here, myself included.

Take a look at the Gallery below and also the Movie Trailers which are currently advertising the 38 minute film.
(The Real Player version is in higher resolution, I think)


Click on either image below to play the advertising trailer

Click to play this Real Player version  Click to play this WMV version

Comments or any suggestions on what I should review are always welcome. Chief.  😀

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  1. brad brad

    Chief, is it me or do i see a ‘string’ hanging out of one of the girls when she
    lowers her panties? It may be a string from her panties or a tampon string.
    ..( one can only hope for the later)…lol


  2. I’ve just re checked and think you are seeing wishful things! LOL

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