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Just a quickie… I caught Ceiling Cat checking out some cool kitteh images and some spankings…. so check out the full size images of what our all knowing all seeing feline has scoped out at one spanking site earlier today!

The Spanked Kitchen Maid! This was watched at AAAspanking by our nosey all seeing kitteh and I think Ceiling Cat enjoyed the full size images of buxom Krystal getting a good thrashing by Master Chopper as you’ll see below:

Chopper likes to ensure his hired Kitchen help is on time and doing what he pays her to do… that is look good in the kitchen, doing all the mundane things he hates like washing up, clearing away and such like. However, as she is late and he is pressed for time he decides to take matters into his own hands, something written into their little contract and he soon reminds her that shoddy washing up and tardiness means he gets to spank her big beautiful bottom that he constantly lusts over! It’s not long before her bottom starts to turn red, along with her flushed cheeks as she is secretly enjoying this intimate spanking and those maginificent globes can take quite a pounding! Then Chopper admires his handiwork and orders a flustered Krystal to finish off the kitchen duties before he has other wicked ideas planned for her in that tempting uniform!

I actually remember this shoot quite well, it was early November last year (Bonfire Night if I remember correctly) and we were in a tiny shoot location which was quite intimate and I remember it got quite stuffy and warm even though the outside temperature was freezing at the time and we had the windows open! That flat has some insulation! Anyway, as you’ll see from the images, I think I managed to capture the fun aspect and the serious business of the spankings… Krystal was a complete newbie to spanking and I wasn’t sure how it would have gone but I needn’t have worried as she was like a duck to water and actually took some pretty heavy strokes of Chopper’s hand!

In case you need more reminders of Krystal at – check out a couple of reminders below that members can also see!

This was a genuine grimace as I captured the moment Krystal least expected when she received a very hard swat from Chopper’s hand! I love this pic 🙂

Taken from “The Lazy Girlfriend” this was  a spur of the moment decision to rip off Krystal’s panties before her OTK spanking!

This was the end result of Krystal spanked in her school uniform for not doing her homework!

To see more of this naughty lovely, she’s only available to view at!

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  1. tim tim

    vry nice shes a little cutie girl ,best from tim.

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