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The Office Cleaner – OTK Spanking

As promised, here’s myself spanking lazy Belinda over my knee. A full buxom womanly thing, despite her tattoos (which I don’t always like) she was very feminine & not harsh on the eye at all! She was especially vulnerable waiting for me in her underwear after her pathetic attempt at cleaning up the workspace area! The Chief does not like mess, yes, it wasn’t all my mess, there was a hectic film shoot 12 hours previous so it had to be cleaned!

Belinda wasn’t going to star initially, (she really is our Office cleaner!) but we talked it through & she agreed to do it! This saved us from firing her lazy ass at least! LOL. It was her first time and the poor thing was a little nervous. I was a little “kind” at first, spacing out my strokes, but as soon as I felt her bottom warming - then the OTK really began! After all, it was a punishment, despite my excitement at having all that womanly flesh draped in shame over my knee!

See the pics from the Gallery produced earlier today!

Click here for the GALLERY

This film is out NOW at SPANKINGONLINE – Enjoy! I did!  😉


  1. klapkaj klapkaj

    Aren’t you lucky to ahve such a pretty woman as your office cleaner and well done giving her her first spanking. She has a lovely bum just made for it and I’m sure that now she’s been spanked you’ll find an excuse to cane her soon. Pity about the tattoo, why do such nice girls disfigure their bodies in that way?

  2. brad brad

    I couldnt agree more klapkaj, i really dont care for the Ink on her, but still
    a very sweet lil bottom, ripe for a spanking. Tattoo’s for me, ruin the “naughty
    girl” look, and on this woman, it truly does. I think it makes them…(women) look
    tough, which i dont like. But hey….


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