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This is a bratty girl update featuring some fave girls of mine who have large archives of content at the sites below.

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First up is a BRAND NEW movie update of Rosaleen Young.
It’s a great movie and I have managed to exclusively bring you a clip below.
You’ll get the idea of just how bratty Rosaleen can be!
Being a cheer leader and practising insideshe is confronted by jealous housemate, Niki, who makes her life hell.
It’s a real brat fest of a movie!!!

Click here or the image for the movie clip
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I have also managed to find an old gallery of this movie, but rest assured, the movie clip is an exclusive!

Click here or below for Rosaleen Young’s “Foolish Girl” gallery
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Next up, at a brand new movie from Spankedschoolgirl is Carla in “Prefect’s Caning”
Carla has so incensed the Headmaster that she is up for a terrible caning across her pert behind.
No messing about, her regulation school knickers are pulled down and she is humiliated verbally.
A stinging verbal lashing to match the welts across her soft buttocks.
Check the movie clip here

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Finally, a girl I haven’t featured but I felt she deserves a mention for some of her great movies!
None other than Sophie at Spanked Cutie (aka Mrs GBS)

The 3 Galleries of my fave Sophie films are from left to right.
1. I hate Spinach – Sophie causes a strop when she refuses to eat her spinach and gets spanked for being a brat!
2. Fly little bird – Sophie releases her aunt’s priceless birds into the wild and is caned severely for it.
3. Dog Kennel – Sophie is treated like a dog and locked up in the “kennel” when she winds up her guardians. Top Film!

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Enjoy the Bonus Hi Res Pics which are EXCLUSIVE from SpankingBlogg

I Hate Spinach!

Fly Little Bird

Dog Kennel

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