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Severe Caning & Whipping Updates

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Just before I log off, I had to share the latest updates from PAINGATE
Remember that they aren’t simply a BDSM site (if yoiu take a look you will see the sort of punishments carried out)
I recommend you take a look, these updates here are unnusual, the trademark og PainGate


Stella, a model they claim is from Trannsylvania (I guess she probably is East European, look at that punishment for goodness sake!) takes on the challenge of THE BLOCK!
The Doc Snyder Series continues with this brutal session.
The BLOCK is a medieval device to capture both fingers and toes to keep the victim in an uncomfortable painful position!
With her bottom high in the air, Stella ensures countless hard strokes with a singletail & bullwhip until her soft skin is welted and raw.


The update above features a prisoner unable to keep her fingers from her privates, and she’s caught masturbating.
Unable to control her lustful thoughts in prison, this girl is given a severe pussy whipping and breast punishment to ensure she doesn’t play with herself again.


Finally below, Vanda and Marian are punished together.
However, they don’t share the discipline and caning, oh no, they suffer DOUBLE the punishment and watch each other as they are also interrogated in this update called, “The Court” 


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