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More Behind the Scenes with Justine Rosenberg

Well, Final set of previews and what we got up to at our last shoot.
The next time you see Justine here will be because she is updated at one of the sites!
So for now, take a look at this wonderful redheaded girl who we all enjoyed working with a lot!
I wonder what else we might find from Norway apart from herrings and fjiords?ร‚ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Click for the Gallery HERE

Hope you like the new set of pics! ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. Dave Dave

    I love this new find in Justine..One thing…Do Norwegian girls not wear panties?
    Even in the school girl set there was no sight of any. For me the raising of the skirt to
    and eventual lowering of panties to finally expose the beautiful bottom and surrounding
    areas and the coloring that has taken place and now ready for the bare bottom part of the spanking i
    is the most exciting part of the scene other than the spanking itself

  2. Yes, Justine wore regulation navy or burgundy knickers with the white gusset inside. Otherwise she had white panties on (from memory)
    I probably just showed some pics of her at a later stage of the punishments.
    I couldn’t use the flash on the camera during filming so many of the photos I took on set weren’t good enough!
    These probably contained many sets of knickers coming down etc.

    I know what it means for some to see the knickers being pulled part way down as the bare bottom is exposed for the first time.
    Rest assured that all the films Justine starred in (3 or 4 schoolgirl films, I think) her panties were removed deliberately and with thought during the punishment process.

  3. […] Well folks, you are going to see an awful lot of this naughty lifestyler who braved 2 European Spanking Companies within a month! Justine filmed for Girls Boarding School in August and then travelled from Norway to work with the SpankPass crew in early September. Some of you may well remember I did a great behind the scenes footage of what you can expect from us! Remember? Check out my previous archives from last month HERE […]

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