FREE Bonus Pics & Gallery of Belinda’s Punishment


The latest film at SpankingOnline is a little bizarre! We thought we’d try to have 2 “budding” but hopeless spanking site webmasters hiring their latest bargain girl, Belinda! They are rubbish, Belinda starts to mock them and then their pride and instinct takes over as she is thoroughly strapped! Believe me, I strapped her hard, she told me afterwords that it was the most evil short strapping she had ever had! Judging by her red swollen wobbling buttocks, I couldn’t argue with that!

It was one of the funniest films that I’d taken part in for ages. Belinda was game for it as well. As you can see! We took pictures with the small camera, partly as a joke, but on reflection, some of the pics came out quite well! I have plenty more, so I may make some more available.

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The BONUS Gallery is EXCLUSIVE to me, these are after all from my compact camera when I go away on holiday etc… Judge for yourself, you will also see some of the camera guys in the background of a few of the pics.

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Bonus Gallery HERE

Like what you see? This film is in EXCELLENT 1500kbs playback, it’s a long film for SpankingOnline
If you are a member, check it out, otherwise see the additional FREE Tour pages HERE & decide for yourself.


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