Following on from other great blogs taking part in this mass delurk, my statistics tell me that there are thousands of readers of this blog who have never left a comment. If this describes you, today is your day.

Many spanking-oriented blogs are dedicating this day to their silent supporters.
It’s the second annual Love Our Lurkers day. And we do love you.
While we may not see your face or read your words, we know you’re out there.
Even in silence, your return visits provide a gentle affirmation.

I would like to invite you to leave a comment below. It can be as long or short as you choose.
You can use a fake name or no name at all.
What’s important is that you poke your head up just far enough that we might see you.

If you feel chatty, please feel free to tell me how I might make this blog even more interesting, more useful, attractive, more spanky etc..
I’m always in the market for great new ideas. If a simple hello is enough for you, I’ll welcome that as well.

In any case, I look forward to meeting you!

11 thoughts on “LOVE OUR LURKERS DAY

  1. brad

    HEy HEY HEY….Brad here, been away on holidays, and MAN OH man, good to be back.

    Ok,i need to join a good spanking site? Any suggestions…he he


  2. mickey

    Can’t say I ever fancied myself much as a lurker. A skulker perhaps. Anyway, here’s
    wishing you continued success and enjoyment in your enterprise. I enjoy your ‘blogg’.

  3. Amanda


    I’m a lurker – have been for a while now. I live a mostly vanilla life, which is too bad. I’m not unhappy, but I’d be happier a warm, well-spanked bottom more often. Anyway, I like the blog. I don’t have any suggestions for making it better, just wanted to de-lurk enough to say hi, and that I’m reading.

  4. Pootang

    Hi, i roam the web while haveing a drink late at night so i am a bit worried at what i would type.

    Hello from the u.k.

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