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HD Spanking Updates

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A couple of cracking updates today for you from – the new true High Definition site. Of course they feature 2 of my fave girls, Heather Stanton & Katie Leigh. I have a particular craving for bare bottom schoolgirl OTK at the mo (back to basics, eh?) Check out the first crystal clear movie clip, see how Heather squirms and wriggles as she’s spanked! I promise you the full movie is even better (wow, love that girl)

Click HERE to view Heather

The second scene with Katie is a great OTK Slippering scene. Now don’t be fooled by this, I promise you that Katie got a right hammering in this movie. How do I know, well, I directed the damn thing and instructed the plimsol to go down much harder, only Miss Bradley went a tad OTT! oops! Not sure if you’ll catch it, but Katie really winced and I assure you the full movie is a cracker!!!

See Katie whacked here

Believe you me, those rubber gym plimsols are really painful, a nasty sting giving a very red bottom! To be honest, given the choice between that or the cane, I think I’d wimp out and take the cane, LOL! Katie also stars  at (if you didn’t already know) So you can see more HD clips of Katie which also pioneers as a standard for all new movie content

Check out more of Katie HERE

Don’t go away, I’ll have more update news later today,
Regards – Chief.


  1. Brad Brad

    They are both very naughty and i love the knee socks on heather, Great clip, i also have a craving for naughty school girl spanking today!!!


  2. I was talking to Heather the other day, she’s filming with us again next month and I’ll be there, so will ensure I get to have her over my knee, knickers down, schoolgirl socks up…squirming!
    Can’t wait! 😉

  3. Brad Brad

    NICE, love the squirming thing. Any chance of getting her to do a “time of the month” thing again, ya know., lil string between the gams??


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