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Oops! Justine Rosenberg’s “Accident” gets her into trouble!

Justine said that this was one of her fave films she did with us as she starred with Elizabeth Simpson
The plot of this is quite naughty, as Justine has been found out after she had a little peeing “accident” in the shower room!
Needless to say, Miss Simpson is none too pleased with Justine’s behavior.
Here there is a bonus clip below as well as a SPECIAL GALLERY from the film.


CLICK HERE for the Bonus Clip

Remember that this film is brand new and is originally located at SPANKMYBOTTOM

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More stuff here with the very latest FULL Hi Res Film that has appeared at FETISHFLIXX
You can check out the FREE GALLERY HERE


It’s a really good nasty FF Domestic Discipline film starring the harsh Miss van Dyer and her 2 unfortunates who are stripped and strapped at home.
Believe you me, you wouldn’t want to be on the end of Miss van Dyer’s verbal lashing as well as her no nonsense punishments!
OK, I gotta go, I’m still away at the mo, the missus will wonder where I am typing this up…lol

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  1. Ooooh… I really wanna see that film! And now I don’t have a password anymore 🙁 (I know, it’s my own fault, I didn’t manage to wait for the release before I asked for the password) Well, I hope it’s a good film. Because I really did enjoy playing in it… I don’t know if you can see it, but between the spanking, when E. S scratch my bottom I really had problems with not showing that I really enjoyed it!

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