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English Rose Emily at English Spankers

I’ve had a fair few requests about the wonderful Emily again.
She has worked at a lot of UK based spanking sites & of course has done an awful lot of great work with us.
It helps that she’s a real life spanko and a little bit eccentric to get some of the best content.
Her buttocks always turn a wondrous crimson and you never feel disapponted seeing her punishments!
So, another site I have enjoyed – yet never really had the time to promote until now.
Maybe I didn’t want you to know about my secret sites I visit, lol.
So here is a real rare treat for you all from the archives of English Spankers

click here for more info

Emily had done a fair few films with this site, they focus on more domestic British discipline, usually at home, sometimes at the office.
Many models are a little more mature (women in their 30s and 40s) and I know that there are many who find this fetish an extreme turn on.
I still prefer younger models myself in their 20s and late teens, of course, but that’s my preference.
However, at English Spankers, there’s PLENTY enough models in this category to keep me very happy as a member!

Take a look at some EXCLUSIVE clips I have made available from my private stash of English Spankers vids starring Emily.
The full films are up to 20 minutes long and anyone who knows Emily will know she is a fantastic actress!

Seriously, this is an underestimated site, take a look at the quality of the vid clips.
My only gripe (if there is one) is that they claim to have HD video content when it really isn’t (unlike the sites I work for of course)
However, it’s Hi Res and very clear all the same as you’ll see from the vid clips below. 
Take a look and feast your eyes on Emily, I chose different situations and punishments

Click to play


click here to view


The last below clip features a rather humiliating caning scene where Emily is bent in the living room.
Check out her naked buttocks exposed high in the air, oh the shame of it!  😀

click here to play


more english spanking here

FULL Movie files are of course avaiolable to members of this site HERE
Hope you enjoyed these clips.
Regards, Chief.


  1. Brad Brad

    Lovely Chief, however i have to say i have never been a fan of Highheels and
    nylons but then again some people love them.


  2. Brad Brad

    Chief, have you heard of the site…”Red Ass Teens. I guess it has alot
    of spanking and humiliation type stuff


  3. I have indeed, Brad, I have been thinking about showing a few things of interest from that site soon enough.
    However, it will have to go with my sex and spanking type updates as those poor girls are forced to perform sexual acts too! 😉

  4. fajn video,super spanking





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