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Very Sore Bottoms Spanked & Caned

Let’s concentrate on what I found, and of course I had them made into galleries but these are fantastic and as I get to make these galleries you are seeing what I enjoy about the sites! I just love delving into the archives, check out poor Erica Delemar, this film is now almost 5 years old, hard to believe and she’s hardly changed in that time, still looking absolutely scrumptious. This was one of her early hard punishments, just take a look at her welted cheeks and you’ll understand.

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Yes, Erica, as she was called here, is none other than Leia-Ann Woods.
You can of course read her blog HERE

As well as filming an awful lot of content throughout the 2003-2006 period at SOL (and there IS a lot, I must say…) you will also be well aware that Leia-Ann was one of the instrumental stars of this site which I never ever seem to get round to showcasing, and it’s a real shame as there is some great stuff there and with a fantastic theme (in my opinion).

(I’ll let you in on a secret, I joined up last year and although impressed, my main reason was to see more of Leia-Ann – can you blame me?) 😀 😀

Ok, I am already digressing and this was meant to be a short but sweet post today before I go out and lose my Christmas Bonus (what bonus) down the Casino

Another fave of mine, Sara Bergmann’s old film “Sara Buckles” is featured below and she had the choice of implements, sadly for Sara, there wasn’t really any choice , she got severely leathered and caned. Fair play to her, this was at the end of a full day’s shoot and this just about finished her off as you will see, and why it was called “Sara Buckles”!

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Yup, if you wanted to know, this film was originally located at

Finally, I never tire of seeing Miss Smith bent over and thrashed, I hope she agrees to take another punishment soon and would love to have her over my knee! Let’s hope the next time she works with us, she is in the mood to switch and get a darned good thrashing, I will talk to the casting guys about this, it’s like 2 for 1, a Domme and a sub in one…marvellous in these Credit Crunch times!

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Feel the heat indeed, just viewing those pics has warmed me up immensely!

Ok you good people, I am off out, have a great weekend and don’t let the missus ruin it by forcing you all to go Xmas shopping!
Do what folks at Spanking & Shame do, place their women in various embarrassing situations whilst punishing them!

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Lovely position, now stay like that for 30 minutes whilst I admire your rear and devise a horrible way to blither thy arse!
Regards, Chief.

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