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I have an amazing NEW and very severe discipline (well, it’s a caning) update of Elizabeth Simpson’s movie which should be up by the time I finish this important post!

If you check out for the very latest movie simply called “A Very Severe caning”  – I have just viewed the whole edited movie and I can tell you it’s one of her most severe punishments she’s received in a very very long time!
This film is special as it goes back to the fact she messed up on her own blog – wiping out all her vid files like the one I have featured in the past! Needless to say the site owners were not very pleased and she was promised this horrible punishment for well over a week until the next film shoot, she had been dreading this, and you can see from her reactions as some of the caning was ouchingly hard and a bit mean as you will now see from the clip below, a high shot across the cheeks really does hurt!

click here to see this new movie
As you’ll see also from the pics below, Elizabeth actually thought it was all rather funny to start with, whether it was nerves, I don’t know, but she admitted that this was by far the worst experience she had in front of the cameras in a long long time! Well, she knew it was coming – check out her homepage for more info on it HERE

I have also uploaded these vid grabs below, they are reduced in size but you still get to see the quality of the wmv movie, that’s what you get when you film on HD cams!

click here for the full movie now

EDIT: I was about to upload a Vidavee clip, the ones that Elizabeth had wiped out on her blog – but it appears this shoddy application is suspending all future vids – as I am unable to find my own or upload future movies by this method! What a crock of f*cking shit! Anyone know a reliable piece of software for bloggers on WordPress to use? Ah nuts! Hope Elizabeth doesn’t see this, looks like her punishment may have been in vain, oops!!! (LOL)

OK, next up from – a great movie I had almost forgotten about, it’s a hard and naughty FF Discipline movie, again with liberal use of the cane at the sadistic hands of Miss Valkyrie, so you’ll no she punishes VERY HARD!!!

click here for more info

Sarah, the naughty girl is caught masturbating in the bathroom, check out my rude and hard clips from this movie out in full from SpankingArchives now

click here click here to play

SpankingArchives is one of those sites that is perfect for those on a budget or those unsure as to what sort of spanking material we do, it’s a perfect starter for spankos unsure about any of our work and is proving popular, it is now also running more exclusive stuff so you will get to see image sets and clips not found elsewhere making this a great starter site of an extra addition to those who can’t get enough of spanking and more spanking! I promise to get you some soon! 😉

Finally, I have been asked to make you aware of this interview and now added FREE Gallery of Katie Leigh (sadly retired) but before she went to Spanking Heaven, she did an awful lot of online content all carefully stored and remastered solely at one place –

Slutspanking is now almost entirely FF, so lovers of FF discipline, this is your ste with the added bonus of all of katie’s wonderful work, I miss her, but that’s life, I’m just glad we got to film an awful lot of content while we did!! The feedback I’ve had off this girl has always been positive, says it all really 😀

Click on Katie below for the FREE Interview and Gallery
click here for more of katie

slutspanking - click here for more free vids etc

OK, cold shower time looming if I continue, so hope you enjoyed these little snippets today!

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