The Slipper – Spanked Stewardesses & MORE!

Here’s a few clips & pics of what I’ve been looking at earlier today!
& boy do I have some cracking updates and classic stuff for you all as well!
First up, I have been watching this great movie this morning with naughty spanking model, Victoria.

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Thanks to SpankingMags, it was one of their first Ezines remastering this movie. (More of that in a mo)

So check out the FREE Gallery and Official Movie Clip from the movie.
She really hated that slipper and it shows as the rubber started to bite into her cheeks!

Click here for the FREE gallery

Check out the FREE Movie clip below from this Ezine.
FREE Movie Clip

I wanted you to see her facial reaction and obvious disdain for the slipper!
Also check out the bonus images below which are part of an extra Ezine set.


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Here’s another classic film that I liked so much that I made available more free clips and pics!
One of the early Elizabeth Simpson films called “Caned Cheeks” this old movie was remastered last year.

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Remember that this is just 1 movie of 100s available all in HI RES playback.
Check the NEW pics I made available below, and also an additional movie clip to the existing one!


Now that I’ve got your attention with the above pics, the first movie clip below is new!
The second on the right is an older one but some of you may not have seen it before.

free movie clip here free movie clip here

The FULL long play Movie is only available in Hi Res from FetishFlixx

More Hi Res Movies only HERE


My First of 2 Special Stewardess Spanking Updates is from Japanese site Cutie Spankee
Now you all know how I love seeing these Asian girlies with their bottoms bared, crying while they are spanked…
Well, this it’s a classic which I had kept to myself but felt was appropriate today with the other update coming up.

More FREE content of japanese girls HERE

This site rocks when it comes to amazing costumes and look at this poor stewardess in trouble!
You can almost imagine you are there in a private room of the terminal as the Chief Stewardess spanks this rookie!
I know I intend to fly with Japan Air or Singapore Airlines next time I travel East, LOL!!!

24 FREE Pics of this Punishment - Click HERE

Don’t forget to check the right hand bar (if you haven’t already) for other Japanese updates.


Thanks to those who told me where to find more of Samantha Woodley.
Located at – she and another girl I know, Michaela McGowen star in a great update.
Called “OTK Air” (Great title)  :D  It has these 2 girls being chastised severely and they really are damned cute!

Check out these FREE pics and I have also got some Real Player clips of Samantha over the table!
Note the great uniforms, I really won’t be able to look at my flight attendants with a straight face next time!
Also click on the 4 bonus pics below for these larger images.


See Samantha & Micheala at FirmhandSpanking

Click on the thumbs below for the 3 movie clips – you need RealPlayer for these.

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Want to see more? Check out FirmHandSpanking HERE

Regards, Chief.

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