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SPANKINGSERVER FREE Galleries – Featuring beautiful girls punished!

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I have to admit that the source of almost unlimited beautiful East European girls willing to be punished online is now staggering!
The folks at Spanking Server are damned lucky to have all that untapped raw material at their fingertips!
Based in Slovakia in central eastern Europe,they film there or in Vienna (Austria) I believe.
However, thanks to the British Govt’s hopeless Immigration shambles, we’ve been lucky enough to sample that ourselves with the Polish girls!
(A supposed controlled migration of 26,000 has turned into something like approx 1M now, they just don’t know….what a joke!)
Anyway, this is not politics time, or a rant at the Poles etc, far from it…I don’t blame em, I’d do the same.
We are here to see the latest samples to come from SPANKING SERVER!

Click on the images of this beauty below to see various spanking pics from the last few months.
If you like these, take a look at the EXTENSIVE FREE TOUR PAGES then decide if you think this site is worth the money!
If you are actively into downloading online spanking, caning and severe punishment mixed with some gratuitous filth then this site comes highly recommended.
The Chief gives his thumbs up to this fine site!

Looking at the download schedules you’ll need to set aside anything between 600Mb to a Gig of new data a month on top of the archives!
My only quibble with the site is the Home Page tours as there’s so much to see and look at it can be confusing!
But just wait til you see what is available to members!
…and remember, these are the folks that also strap a girl’s most intimate parts as well (ouch!!!)

Gallery 1
Free Gallery 1

Gallery 2
Free Gallery 2

Gallery 3
Free Gallery 3

I will also add new Spanking Server Galleries on the right hand side of the menu bar, so watch out for these too!
Hope you all have had a pleasant weekend, I won’t post tommorow as it is a Bank Holiday in the UK.
Regards, Chief.

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  1. klapkaj klapkaj

    Really beautiful models, high quality photos and severe caning. What more can one ask other than lots more please. But please see my comment to your posting on vaginal strapping on the correct use of English. It is physically impossible to strap a girl’s vagina, you are talking of vulva strapping.

  2. Hi klapkaj, I left a reply to this and I know that you cannot physically strap a vagina, unless you have a very small intrusive leather one…
    However, though anatomically incorrect, it sounds far better and shameful than vulva strapping or tushy/minge/pussy etc….

    Unless anyone else have some ideas on what to call it? I’m open to suggestions, we’ll still refer to it as “vaginal” just for the shamefulness of it 😉
    and should we pronounce it “vah-ji-nal” or “vadge-inall” ? 😀

  3. klapkaj klapkaj

    Thanks Chief, I posted the above before reading your reply under the vaginal strapping posting. I agree with you that vulva or even pussy strapping doesn’t sound good, but vagina strapping sounds much worse if only because it makes a mockery of our wonderful language. As creator, editor and writer of the finest spanking blog by far it detracts from your otherwise great ability and skill to write and choose such very stimulating photos, clips and blogs. To be logical we would never refer to rectum or colon strapping when anus strapping is correct (and very painful!) so what is different just because it is thought that vagina strapping sounds better? Why not just be forthright and use plain anglo saxon cunt strapping which is simple, accurate and certainly has the erotic sound! I always prefer to call it a cunt rather than pussy, minge, vulva, quim etc. anyway, but please not vagina!

  4. Martina Martina

    Hi Chief, as a girl I have to say I find the term ‘cunt strapping’ or ‘pussy strapping’ just perfect and also as ‘shameful’ as ‘vaginal strapping’ because also the outer parts are such an intimate and tender area. Therefore it is just enough to ‘only’ strap the vulva or cunt, as you call it 😉
    Really enjoy visiting your blog btw.

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