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Extreme Discipline – Vaginal Strapping


I can only imagine the extreme submission and pain that this must cause a woman to endure.
I have seen and heard of this online, we’ve flirted with it in the past, but I thought it deserved a mention here.
The reason is because there is so much content on it at SpankingServer!
I admit, it’s not a site I have seen too much of in the past, but since I had access to their members area I can safely say it is worth every penny!
This site caters for lovers of more extreme disciplines, nasty stories & plots with access to Pain4Fem and many fetish niches are covered.
This includes harder tastes whether it’s strong verbal humiliation, spanking, restraints, hard caning etc.
Here today I give you the Vaginal Strapping including a 40 second clip in 700 kbs playback so it’s more than clear enough!!!

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Let me know what you ladies and gents think, I may cover this again if there is enough demand.
Apologies if some of you may find this offensive, I just thought it needed highlighting!


  1. brad brad

    Yummy, what a lovely shot, not too fussy with the heels she is wearing and would
    have loved to have seen her in knee socks??? But very very HOT non the less.


  2. scrumdown scrumdown

    HOT, hot, hot!! I loved pussy strapping. I only wish there were more sites with this content.

  3. klapkaj klapkaj

    Wonderful and incredibly erotic for some who love this rare form of punishment. Perhaps not surprising that a minority of girls enjoy it, but those who do just love it. Please let us see lots more of these shots.
    One small word of criticism. Why are these shots and many other similar ones on SOl , Digital Spanking etc called “vaginal strapping”, such an incorrect use of English?
    The vagina is “the canal between the uterus and vulva of a woman or other female mammal” so it is physically impossible to spank or strap a girl’s vagina! What you are referring to is the vulva “the external female genitals, esp. the external opening of the vagina”. So PLEASE in future let’s have lots of vulva spanking !

  4. I’m well aware that “vaginal strapping” isn’t strictly the correct term, but vulva strapping (and the use of tushy or pussy sounds too tame) doesn’t have the same ring to it.
    Vaginal strappimng sounds like something awful and formal from the Edwardian era, so we (and I) shall continue to use theis term
    It sounds so much more personal and shameful! 🙂

    If anyone can come up with a nasty intimate anatomical phrase for strapping or spanking this area, I’d be open to suggestions.

  5. Xemxija Xemxija

    I also find the idea of vulva/vaginal strapping highly erotic and would love to know of any other sites that carry this type of material. Any other galleries?

    Has anyone had direct experience of subscribing to SpankingServer. Were you easily able to cancel after a month?


  6. I took out a subscription & cancelled the rebill before the end, cancellations are easy.
    Just ensure your email address can accept the billing agent as you should receive an email.
    Click on any of the links I have provides and they will lead you to the SpankingServer members area.
    However, as I was so busy, I wasn’t able to download as much as I wanted – and they archive some stuff away every week and you lose the right to download it, but the weekly updates are plentiful.
    just make sure you set aside time to download the new stuff and give yourself time to access the older stuff allowed to, it’s worth the membership fee imho.
    I shall try again in the near future, as with any site, I can only provide an insight into the members area, but I think what I provide free is more than enough to make you realise what is on offer!

    best of luck if you decide to take the challenge and see what they have to offer, you won’t be disappointed, and I haven’t seen “vaginal” (heh heh) strapping as much elsewhere as this site: FACT!


  7. Verywierd Verywierd

    I saw several clips of vulva strapping from this site and I am of the opinion that the “strap” is made of heavy sponge rubber or similar. While it may give an uncomfortable thump, it is hardly painful (as compared to a cane or whip on the bum). In fact, a heavy leather strap is far from ideal for this type of activity. You want to sting the sensitive areas but not inflict crushing damage to underlying nerves and tissues, so a light, thin and fairly short whip is much better. I have done the real thing over many years with the bare hand as well as with things like braided leather and plastic tubing and I know how it should really look and sound. This is probably why there are so many clips of this type of punishment on this site.

  8. e.e.norcod e.e.norcod

    For those who wish to be antomically correct, the adjectival form of vulva is vulvar.
    In most cases this form of discipline generally involves chastizing the labia majorum so it could be called labial spanding or labial whipping.
    However for simplicity sake I do like the term pussy whipping although that therm has traditionally been reserved to describe an infatuated male adolescent.
    I agree that the Spaning Server version if fairly vanilla.
    For a bit of a harsher example try or
    Professionally, I believe that vulvar chastisement to be the wave of the future.

  9. e.e.norcod e.e.norcod

    After almost 40 years my anatomical Latin is rusty. Should be labia majora.

  10. Chris Chris

    When my lady is naughty, she knows that her panties are coming off and her bottom is getting blistered, and if she is really bad, she has a “twat swatting coming.”

  11. genitorture is a good word.

    The current term we all know and search for is pussy or vagina or cunt spanking, whipping, torture, or caning 😉

  12. Debbie Debbie

    I have not experienced this yet.

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