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Severe Punishment Update

The recent Simpson movie is doing well on download, if you haven’t already seen this ferociously severe film and think it’s something you’d want to view, check out the sample clips (there’s the HD option as well which is part of the download deal)

Check the Info Page HERE or below and take a look! at the very least you’ll have some vid grabs and a couple of clips from this film to look at for FREEร‚ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Simpson Severe movie!

OK, take it easy everyone, I’m off to mother’s in the countyside for the weekend, back soon.
Yes I know, I will get the Isis update here soon! I promise!ร‚ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Adrian Hardhand Adrian Hardhand

    Some five months back I signed up for the original “four site bundle” offer. I was really disappointed to find that 1) it included little HD material, and 2) it appeared that very little of Rosaleen’s material was available in HD.

    I’d be glad to sign up for this new offer if these two things have been remedied.


    Yrs in pervery, Adrian

  2. Hi Adrian. First of all, I think you and many others need to exactly understand the nature of HD as other sites have been very misleading when they “claim” to have Hi Def etc when they clearly do not!
    HD, true pure HD (as in real DVD quality to download), can only be achieved if the material was filmed on HD cams.
    I’m not going to go into it in detail as our competitors will have to find out the hard way, it’s a very very expensive makeover which we have now fully embraced!
    None of Rosaleen’s content will ever be in pure HD as they were filmed on cams from 2003 to 2005, though we can remaster much of her stuff and many of her films at FetishFlixx and SpankingMags have had the 1600kbs WMV treatment, all her original stuff at SMB remains in REAL Player from 2003 through to latest 2005 with a far lower playback rate, remember she has retired from the industry now so we can’t film her in HD today.
    HD Spank is also part of the 10 Site Package, I think since it’s recent inception, it already has something like 40 Gigs or more in movie files uploaded as these full films are much larger to download.
    Seriously, this 10 site package is the bollocks!
    Rosaleen lovers will note there is a dedicated section at FetishFlixx (part of this 10 site deal) with her films remastered, I’ve featured some of them reguarly in the same format.
    Trust that helps!

  3. Adrian Hardhand Adrian Hardhand

    Yes. Many thanks. The original Ros videos were encoded at such a low bitrate that they had almost no detail, hence my interest in high bitrate versions.

    Yrs in pervery, Adrian

  4. Great pixxx ๐Ÿ™‚


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