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Why do some people bother?

The Internet can be a wonderful thing, sadly there are many assholes out there with more time on their hands!
I received a really pedantic personal mail about my location of Barcelona in Spain (remember I visited there just before last Christmas) when I said it was on the south east coast.
This buffoon wants to correct me saying it’s the north east etc and missed my light hearted point about informing this for my American chums.
However, it was his manner in the way he said it that really got up my nose. So I write back and I receive racist abuse back!
Well, you asshole, you are out of order!

I find out he’s not even American (he claims) and in a reply pours out racist filth against the English, so here for you, my friend, is a simplistic map.
This is a f*cking spanking blog, not a geographical pedant f*ck-fest, GET A LIFE!!!!
So here especially for you is my simplistic map, yeah, I see what you mean about north and south east of Spain..but really, who gives a f*ck?

Oh, and Isabella has something she’d like to say on my behalf!
Such a sweet girl, eh? haw haw haw

Love as usual, Chief. xx


  1. I think you mean southeastern province on the western edge of the northern side? 😉

  2. Yes, something like that, damn that awkward shape of Spain! LOL
    Looking forward to going back soon, I’ll be sure to take my simplistic map so I know where I am!

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