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Bank Holiday Wash Out

Well well, what a surprise, me & the missus, as part of the Day out ended up at Glastonbury on a trip back from my brother in law’s.
However, in deepest rural Somerset in the south west of England, being bank holiday, it finally rained…and how!
We were just about to get out and explore the town centre and go to the famous Tor when the heavens opened!
Check the pics below and you’ll see and know what I’m waffling about with this famous old icon set on a strange hill.

Click here to see the wash out! LOL

Glastonbury is full of New Age Hippies, I prefer to think of them as unwashed bums, get a hair cut! Also, you may know that nearby, Glastonbury hosts the largest music festical every year! Anyway, this all rather reminded me of the Niki Flynn film Trial by Ordeal” where she encounters deep rural prejudice.

I’d featured part of this movie before, so here below are the links to the FREE galleries and clips.
Niki endured a variety of “Tests” and “Punishments” which, quite frankly, seeing as I live near here, I can well believe! LOL
I prefer to think it was the village elders taking advantage of this naive American girl on “Their Patch”
Anyway, it still remains one of my fave Strictly English productions.
Take a peek below and you’ll see why!ร‚ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. Brad Brad

    LOVE how she is inspected,both front and behind. The way the headmaster spreads her open is well……chillingly HOT…

    Awesome stuff there, love it.

  2. There’s plenty of humiliation in this film, it’s a good un! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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