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Weekend Updates

Right, gotta get these out before I sneak off to the Casino this evening!  😉
I’m away visiting my elderly mother & the missus is at home.
She’s not much impressed with gambling but my mother’s hometown has a good casino I sometimes frequent!
Let’s just hope I don’t lose too much, uh oh!

On top of the Offers I have told you about, check out the very latest Ezine offering from SpankingMags!

check out the latest ezine updates here

I am really happy that this film has been remastered as it starred 2 of my fave girls together, Isis & Ashleigh.
I’ve featured it before, but now this Ezine update has remastered the movie there’ll be an added gallery of HQ Pics like the ones below.
It’s called “Disobedient Behaviour”, what I do remember is these 2 in their regulation burgundy school knickers together was a sight for sore eyes!
…and of course the removal and hard caning of these girls was an added bonus, eh?  😉

see this new movie - click here

Check out the very HQ Photos from this long play movie below and you’ll see what to expect!
Top 4 pics are of blonde Ashleigh, 2nd row are of Isis.





Check out what I have been also viewing and seen that is available right now!
It’s by no means a deal as good as the ones above, but anything is better than nothing, eh?

At SpankingServer, it appears they have a deal to allow you access to free movies when you sign up.
CHECK IT OUT HERE – I think it’s a limited Summer Offer

click here for more girls

click here for more punishments

I have collected a few fave pics of mine for you to view below, they are stunning as usual!


more pics and how to view the site here


I can only imagine the shame of these girls having their bare parts exposed on these restraints.
Imagine being in the diaper position in the last 2 pics and strapped like that! – OMG!

Of course, OTK lovers are well catered for as well, as Master Carl ably shows below  😀

OTK spankings and more HERE


If you want to see more on their extensive Tour Pages – CLICK HERE


To end this update’s superb quality spanking news and gossip check out gorgeous Samantha Woodley
From the good folks of FirmHandSpanking – who else?
I have a free clip and some choice pics to share – ENJOY!

click here for this sample movie clip

It’s HELL in the heat of the Kitchen for Samantha!


click here for more


See MORE of Samntha Woodley exclusively at FirmHandSpanking

OK, that’s all for now, as promised, I will bring my fave Japanese girls soon and keep checking OUR sites for news of MORE TRIAL OFFERS!
I will bring you updates as and when of any extra sites I find on the Limited 3 Day Trial List!
Wish me luck on the wheels of (mis)fortune and gambling den that is my local casino tonight!  😀
Gamblingly, Chief.

Edit on July 14: I didn’t lose at the Casino, I made back my appalling losses earlier on Black Jack on the wheels (Roulette) and then promptly left! Hurrah!  LOL 😀

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