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Sexual Desires & Spanking

OK, following on from this hot new update is new girl Jasmine in her most shameful and explicit spanking punishment to date! Available now to view at is the rather naughty sounding title (well, it is when we got hold of this – heh heh) called School Medical.

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If you take a look at the very first show pics from the screen caps (below) of this movie then you’ll understand that the School Doctor has been asked to examine Jasmine for a variety of “complaints” she has used recently. On initial examination, the Doc (who is furiously wondering how the hell he can cop a peek at the lovely Jasmine) suspects she has been partying with boys at the weekend and on a further more intimate examination discovers the sordid truth! What’s more, he has her stripped naked and smacks her bottom very hard over his knee, whilst also further inspecting her nether regions very deliberately. There’s more but I’m too ashamed to tell, lol! Also don’t miss the fact that Jasmine’s bottom turns a beautiful shade of red as well! God, I love this girl!!!



Pic 5 gives you the idea of what the Doc gets up to, but I really can’t say more, members at will see the full truth to the horrors he inflicts on the hapless Jasmine!

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Finally, to round off the sexual element in today’s self defilement of a post, I recently got hold of some free passes to and was bowled over by some of their sex and spanking punishments with some incredibly hot girls. I hadn’t got the Ok to show some free clips from there yet but take a look at the pics below. Latest girl is called Sasha – boy is she adorable!

click here to enlarge

Now I have to admit,I hate this guy, he gets to spank and play with some hot girls, then they pay him back in kind, the sexual kind! Lucky fella!!! Click on the pics below and you’ll see what I mean!


click here for MORE!
& Finally some MORE lush pics – can’t post anymore, I’ll get jealous!
I can’t remember  – but there may also be a Trial Offer for this site, it’s part of a NetWork

OK, I’m gonna be on the road in a mo, so hope these fine naughty spanking updates keep you all entertained!
Friskilly, Chief.  😀


  1. Brad Brad

    WOW, chief, i have to say i LOVE the doctor, naughty schoolgirl inspection scene!!! THAT is what i am talking about. Love the humiliation aspect, not sure about others but i love it. Spanking is awesome but with some extra vaginal shots and inspection stuff….lovely!!!


  2. lol, I had an inkling you might have liked that, Brad! 😉
    If you have a membership to 11 sites, check out Paige at
    I have featured a few pics from this latest update at my other blog at Enjoy! 😀

  3. now that is my kind of Doctor. Sounds like Jasmine is a bit feverish. 🙂 Naughty minx.

    I do prefer this kind of erotica, I mean, not straight ahead discipline typically, but always hot when it’s mixed in with some erotic overtones. or should i say undertones…..


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