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Classic Rosaleen Young

What with all these pool punishment videos that have recently resurfaced, I remember one of the brattiest and most famous of Rosaleen’s films she ever made with us at the exact same pool, the pool of shame and degredation. What I’m hoping is that those of you who haven’t seen this movie can marvel at how this brat of brats gets her deserved spanking and caning across her soaking wet buttocks as she’s punished in her school uniform after falling into the pool. FetishFlixx remastered this great movie so you get to enjoy this movie which is about 15-16 minutes long in FULL Screen.

Rosaleen Young in Pool Punishments

What you will see is a brat refusing to complete her PE (physical education) and Miss van Dyer (aka Shanelle) is far from amused and a fearsome Mistress when angry, do NOT cross or give her due cause for chastisement! So Rosaleen, spanked on the edge of the pool falls in and gets soaking wet (obviously) then is forced to continue her punishment gradually being disrobed, cold, shivering, ashamed and still bleating like a spoilt brat that she truly is!

Check out the FREE Exclusive clips I have made available below – Rosaleen at her brattiest!  😀
click here for clip1 click here for clip 2 click here for clip 3

There’s a few more vid grabs below and I’ve also managed to find some HQ Photos from this movie (those are courtesy of

click here

Click on the thumbs below for the hi res vid grabs from the Pool Punishment.

Fully remastered Hi Res Movie available at now

Regards, Chief.


  1. I’ve been spanked IN a pool and by the edge but only with hand…….
    I am a big lover of the cane and would love to know what a wet caning would feel like now that I’ve seen these pictures…


  2. It blooming well hurts according to the girls…wet knickers up and caned is much more uncomfortable, in the full film you’d notice that Rosaleen couldn’t wait to get back in the pool to soothe her cheeks at the end 🙂

  3. becky becky

    I have been spanked in wet tight jeans with a paddle believe me that even hurts alot. Also i have been spanked in soaking wet panties with his hand owwwwwwwww stings so bad. So I can’t beleive how hard Rosaleen got it with the cane on her soaking wet clinging panties.

  4. It hurts… 😀

  5. Lovely. and thx for the link to my RY blog post/shrine 🙂


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