Very Naughty Jasmine – The Thrashed Secretary

This spanking film gets ruder and ruder, a great return to what SpankingOnline loves best, fantastic girls, mucky intrusive and suggestive shots of workplace discipline like the very delectable Jasmine, caught masturbating at work. her aroused boss conceals his lust but can’t help himself when spanking her bare red arse over his knee and, well, just check out this rude clip below…simply shocking, heh heh!

Seriously this is a HOT spanking movie for those who just “love” to see older guys having their wicked ways with younger women like Jasmine. I know I like it 😀

Check out the bonus pics I’ve grabbed from the members area of SpankingOnline – exclusive to this site and taken from this movie – Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Very Naughty Jasmine – The Thrashed Secretary

  1. brad

    SO CUTE, love the feeling up thing and the wet finger result, THAT is what i am talking about, love to see more of that type of scenario:) Maybe a schoolgirl next with wet panties inspected along the way??????? Thanks Chief

  2. Spank Chief Post author

    He does this in the School Medical film at SpankedSchoolgirl as well!
    I have been informed that more naughty themed stuff will be appearing when we do our next shoot, pity I can’t be there!!!

  3. brad

    I am going to join again just to see this and the medical one, i just eat it up! LOVE the humiliation with the spanking of course…..yipeeee

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