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Friday’s Spanked Brat & Schoolgirl Updates

Ah, my fave subject, spanked brats, real brats and teen schoolgirls that really need a damned good thrashing, you know the types, those that answer back, have an answer for everything, well, answer my hand or the strap, you snivelling wretch! Yes, discipline is much needed with today’s youth, these leftie do gooders that have given more power to pupils are bringing up a bunch of morons in the classroom and at home who hang around on street corners terrorising the elderly with no respect for the law!

OK, rant over…now onto the girls here that have fallen foul of those unafraid to sort these mischievous brats out. Where do I start? Let’s start with the very gorgeous Jodie, however, she knows it and recently when she was forced to do a Gym Class, she got very stroppy about it, she was soon put her in her place though. See the results below from this HD Movie Exclusive to SPANKINGONLINE

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“Women who use their beauty to get what they want” shocker!
Well, Jodie finds this doesn’t wash with her Gym Instructor.

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From FetishFlixx, one of my all time fave Debbie Disciplined series is this remastered beauty “4PM Appointment”. I watched this earlier and I know that I’ve featured her before, but it’s STILL worth mentioning from time to time 😀

American brat Debbie Fraser has an impending meeting with her English Uncle and if you take a look at the pics below, you’ll see he strips her naked in a humiliating punishment she never expected! Welcome to England, Debbie – LOL

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This FULL film (and I heartily recommend it) can be viewed (remastered) at
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Travelling across the world, my fave oriental girls from CutieSpankee in Japan have some amazing new bratty girl updates. What’s more, as you check out the girls below, you’ll notice in the first set

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Check out the latest update as “Mother knows best” when dealing with her very nattily dressed daughter in that fabulous school uniform, say what you want, the Japanese have the best uniforms around!!

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Wow! Those damned hot uniforms are amazing, eh?

Below is the brat update where a strict aunt has promised her she’ll get a thrashing off that horrible looking paddle and you can see it hurts as this poor thing also had to think about her punishemnt whilst Aunt was out shopping! Check out the clips and pics below (remember this is a sample clip, members get a higher full screen movie playback)

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Don’t forget to check out far more Free Samples at the Home Page of Cutie Spankee below

click here for more japanese girls thrashed hard


Covering all tastes and types of memberships, I viewed the below movies again which are available on PPV so those on a tight budget this time of year can just choose one package to download and keep, all films are remastered, and all newer films are also available on pure HD playback as well, the below films I’ve covered are all available as HD-WMV (playing at over 6000kbs in case some of you think it’s NOT the real deal, you’ll notice it is on your large widescreen monitors!)

The below films (3 of which I watched last night with a very large glass of port and a fine cigar…) I managed to find some supporting galleries/clips below so it makes my job easy. Sit back and see what the Chief viewed in his study whilst the missus was away…. 😀

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Click images below for the galleries and clips
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click here click here

Oh yes, Tiffany and Justine – 2 girls that could take a very hard punishment and all in crystal clear playback too! Heaven!!! These films are available as one off purchases and therefore very cheap to purchase, also check out the other packages at NAUGHTYBOTTOM as there are detailed plots and some extra free clips etc to show you precisely what is available! CLICK HERE FOR MORE PPV INFO

I am currently getting a special gallery and more free clips made up of Tiffany, and I will post that later today at my other blog when it’s all uploaded. I promise it’s a cracker and it’s from SpankedSchoolgirl, so you get the idea of what it’s about!!!!


Brats, seeing the very lovely Justine’s cracking bottom reminded me of my other fave redhead, and boy, was I glad I mentioned this as Amber showed me her latest update just released at SpankAmber earlier today!

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Just one look at the pics below and you know she’s in her “bratty mode” again, she admitted she got into a jealous fit and got spanked good and hard by her partner – feast your eyes on her latest offering, mm mmm!

Amber gets paddled and whipped for being jealous after her work out!
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click here for more of Amber


Finally, this little theme made me smile as I had this issue the other day when I didn’t believe my lazy missus coming out with some feeble excuse about being ill and all she wanted to do was loaf about in bed while I went out in the cold to work! Check out the lying cheating Jasmin below who tries to fake her Tummy Ache in getting out of school. Unluckily for her, her guardians have seen all this before and tested then tricked her before giving her a darned hard thrashing for her foolish deceit! It’s a Classic movie, remastered, but I wanted to share it with some of you that had not seen this before.

click to view here

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OK, I hope you all enjoyed these little updates, it’s cold enough here in the UK that no cold showers are required, currently, unless you want to get ill and shiver with shame! Back soon with news of a brand new film shoot with another old favourite making a very welcome re-appearance, I am looking forward to what gets produced! Have a good weekend everyone – I gotta think about Christmas shopping, I’ve done nothing yet 🙁

Regards, Chief.

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  1. This older gentleman pictured in this scene–that is what I want to be when I grow up. Is that wrong ??

    a Dom {dirty old man} in training

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