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Hot Girl Punishments!

There are some new galleries and Free Site styles which I have been tinkering with recently. They include a decent clip and some images so you get an idea of what the movie is about, they easily tell it better than me waffling on and on and on and on…. 😀

So the first 2 below are featuring some cracking recent updates at
Feast your eyes on the gorgeous buxom brunette Jasmin, punished for wearing the wrong knickers (how unfair , eh?)
I know I’ve featured this lovely specimen before, so enough of my drivel, check her out and the decent length clip!

click here

Now tell me that this didn’t get you going, eh? I’m not sure I could contain my excitement either, it would all end horribly in a Divorce Court or something!
The FULL Film is already out at SpankingOnline – trust me, the full version is much much better!

Next up are the recent updates of Alexandria and Paige, prefects in deep trouble. As they both faced the Slipper for the very first time!
There are pics and a clip of Paige’s first slippering, check it out below.
click here

click here for more vids n pics

Finally, I promised on my other blog at SpankingNews that I’d feature the scene with Kirsten squirming over Headmistress Shanelle’s knee as she cried complained and sobbed her way through it.
Well, I was going to get all arty farty with a pic, but check out the movie clip at the below link.

click here to view

This movie is a long play movie also starring the oh so precocious Rosaleen Young, and I really cannot recommend it highly enough.
Out here at the bargain value website!
click here for more ezines

Remember that both these sites are of course part of the 14 SITE SPANKPASS

OK, that’s yer lot today, but I promise I have been preparing some very interesting updates featuring my fave Japanese girlies (I am sharing some of my private stash with you guys) and a great movie update featuring Pandora Blake and her magnificent globes. Plus loads more as I will be away Friday.

Where? I’m going to watch my nephew in his “Passing Out Parade” as his grunt days basic training is finsihed & he joins the Royal Navy proper!
I am from the naval city of Plymouth, England (we proudly boast the largest Western European naval Dockyard), so it’s hardly surprising, virtually everyone there knows or has a member of their family in the British Armed Forces, usually the Navy or Marines…and we’re all proud that they serve us, despite the misgivings some of us have over various foreign policies, but good luck to them all.

Anyway, proud rant over, pop back tomorrow and I’ll have plenty more fot you all to peruse at will.
Regards, Chief.

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