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Caned & Buggered

What a horrible subject! Not everyone’s cuppa tea, but it’s my blog and I wanted to share this with you all.

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Yesterday I made a gallery available to affiliates which promoted this momentous low point event of Elizabeth Simpson – as I was in a foul mood, it was apt at the time. Watch the suffering of others. Believe you me, poor Elizabeth suffered her most indignant punishment ever as she was caned in her school uniform then buggered – for real afterwards, snivelling and sobbing. She even performed a sex act, readers, I am too shocked to continue describing this for fear of trouser arousal, so I’ll let you cast your eyes on this filthy gallery, some of which have NEW images not seen before!

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Now what I often had in the past was “Where do I find this amazing film and images?
Well, here for you all again is the EXACT Location of this classic old movie.
It is located at the SpankingOnline website (or via the SPANKPASS network)

Members go to the SOL Ezine section and locate this movie on the “Sex and Spanking” Dec 2003 issue.
For more images from this shoot, go to the Archives section the the Vid Grabs and about 2/3 way down is an image from this film, the full set of vid grabs are there.

So there you go, the 5th Anniversay of one of the most talked about films done. You can see why Elizabeth didn’t want to do any more like that Talking of anniversaries, I just realised that it was just over 2 years ago that I started my humble little blog, yay, happy Birthday, me. I’d have produced more content if I had realised, but I think this Simpson Spectacular will fit the bill….enjoy.

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