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Friday Spanking Updates

Weekend looms and so I gotta get this out, Missus is glaring at me!!!
Check out these great updates recently out and now up including an old classic that I remember well as the first one had me peering up Shannon’s scared crack! Ah, the memories, she smelled delicious and had the tightest tiniest ass I had ever spanked, I was scared I’d break her in 2! Then the fabulous difference of having Elizabeth’s womanly bottom on my hand…top memories, see it below! Some nice schoolgirl updates to get on with!

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Bars & Stripes – Specialist Girls Prison and Discipline site from the UK passed me a fantastic free clip showcasing some of their recent movie updates. All I can say is right click and save the link below as it is from their server so you’ll get to play it back easier, it’s worth the download and is a long clip at around 3 mins 30 secs!
Advice for Windows users below:-


I have also cut some scenes in images below which as far as I can see are NOT available elsewhere, so enjoy this little exclusive from SpankingBlogg

click here for more


NEW SITE from the UK Strict Spanking – with old new and exclusive content (remember this also includes new HD Spanking content with the same quality as that of HD Spank) – hardly surprising as it’s part owned by the same network

click here for more

– well, check out the updates below and some of these images give you EXTRA FREE Galleries – click away below. 😀

click here

click here click here

Check out the NEW TOUR PAGES HERE for more information (and those that love trusted billers like CCBill – that’s the only billing company they use that I see)

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Here’s a different update, this was so sexy that I had to include this and I have to say I will be featurung MORE from GoodSpanking as they live up their name! Check out the few pics from this amazing girl girl discipline set – cold shower time alert!!!

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Mmm! Impressive or what? SEE MORE HERE

David Pierson at Punished Brats has been busy again, see the latest pics from one of the most recent updates of Amanda, I had featured her before, I fell in love with her cute knickers! Well, here they are hoiked down and her big round teen bottom is getting spanked red! A delicious sight and it made me laugh as I recently chastised the Missus over a similar offence of her ridiculous mobile phone use  (or “cell” to my American cousins). Here, I wonder if Amanda will learn about “Text Etiquette” – see the High res images from the movie below!

Amanda's red arse spanked hard

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Check out some choice images from other recent updates, click on thumbnails below to get the full size images!

click here for more girls

Last one today check out from SpankedSchoolgirl below

Have a nice weekend.


  1. tim tim

    Great photos great girls great spanks best wishes tim.

  2. spf spf

    Great pics and clips as always! Not sure if this was intentional, but the link to the ‘clip’ on the ‘punishment book’ page isn’t set up as a link.

    Thanks for the pics and clips. Entertaining stuff!

  3. I’ll check it out, it should be leading to a gallery, from memory.

  4. Ah, I see the problem now, refresh, you’ll get the free clip… d’oh! 🙁

  5. spf spf

    Thanks, Chief!

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