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NEW Naughty Spanking Updates

You get them HERE before anyone else!!!!

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From the Spankpass network, there are some excellent new updates from both SpankingDigital and SpankingOnline
Check out my first update which will appear later today online, I have included a free clip and some vid grabs that no one, and I mean NO ONE will have seen until you guys read this blog! The Chief never lets himself get trumped when it comes to shocking new spanking updates, and, boy, there’s some mucky stuff here!!! 😀

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So, one of my fave girls, Jasmine, with BLONDE hair here, gets the lecherous treatment as her Spanking Audition gets her wet between the legs, as the eager Spanker discovers – I admit I’d have serious “WOOD” if I was in his position! This is also a very hard hitting OTK spanking movie, believe you me, thsi is also no patty-cake spanking!!!

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I have also included some screen grabs (reduced in size for convenience) click on the thumbnails below to enlarge!

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Remember that the Home Page has plenty of sample clips from the most recent movies  😉

OK, over at SpankingOnline there is also a new movie out today which stars a new girl recently featured, Cathy, who has a wonderful bouncy pair of cheeks!

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The shame of Cathy is complete when her snivelling and pitiful cries are heard on the landing at home, what a welcome home from school, serves her right for trying to hide the fact she had been caught shoplifting, eh?

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Check out the exclusive vid grabs below
See Cathy’s rather large plump schoolgirl bottom, mmmm, very nice!!


The above clip has NEVER been shown or released so this is another SpankingBlogg exclusive

Back soon with MORE NEW Updates and special pics and clips as usual, Chief.

One Comment

  1. paul down paul down

    Hi reallylike the look of the new girls and this new dad/ teacher .

    Could you arrange for a scenario where he actually watchers her getting inot her pyjamas then slippering her pyjama covered arse as well as bare. I know this is not the sort of thing your wonderful site does but for me and many other pjs fans it would be heaven.

    btw no knickers under the jamas please. hopefully you will give Simpson a hiding for wearing her knickers in her last pjs shot.

    hope you can do a real domestic style pj shot soon.

    once again nice to see new girls and a new spanker on the block.

    best regards Paul

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