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Latest Schoolgirl & Sexy Updates

I have some excellent stuff for you today! A great mix, but with one thing in common, some very arousing hard punishments of gorgeous girls getting their sore red bottoms punished as you’d expect!

Just out at BRITSPANK is this double schoolgirl special with brunettes Justine & Hannah, the faces of these girls change and contort as their bottoms get a good strapping! Mmm mmm! Top image of Hannah leads to a FREE GALLERY and the image below the TRIAL OFFER banner leads to a FREE Movie Clip!

free gallery here

britspank trial offer

click here for the free gallery

Chief’s interesting fact: Justine (pictured above) droned on about once being a former (conquest) of singer Robbie Williams – “yeah, OK – NOW BENNNNND!!!!!” Did you know that you can also get a really cheap sign up to STRICTSPANKING as well? It’s shown on the sign up for the Trial Membership, you can’t miss it! IMPORTANT! I also found out that if you try to cancel the rebill at many of the Xerotic sites, you’ll get offered anything from $10-15 reduction on your rebills too! Shhh, I only found this out the other day 😉


Check out the latest updates with some amazing free galleries highlighting these sites below.

First up is Mother Simpson smacking the hell out of filthy Paige at Home – it’s a corker and I love Paige’s reactions, just love it! See what I mean from the gallery and FREE Movie Clip below!

click here to see paige humiliated

It ends with a humiliating inspection, and you get to see Paige’s moist pussy exposed underneath those red burning cheeks after her strapping! Mmm – pure filth! So if you want to try out the 4 Site Network, get it cheaper now!


Angelina bent over at SpankedSchoolgirl

Yum! What can I say? I have been downloading this movie this afternoon, the latest new update from with Colombian Exchange Student, Angelina bent over, snivelling and slippered. Seriously, I don’t know what it is, but I can really get off watching this girl cry and whimper, she does it like no other, you’ll enjoy this very latest movie at SpankedSchoolgirl


Now, as you’ll have gathered…Anita is one of my favourite new girls I’ve seen on the scene in the UK. She possesses one of the naughtiest bums on camera, and I made this mailer and gallery available earlier today (so wanted to share it with you all here, if you hadn’t seen it, then you MUST VIEW THIS!) This is celebration of the fact that the FULL HD file is now available for members at SLUTSPANKING!

See the FREE HD Clip hosted below – hear her answer back, everything about this girl shouts “TROUSER AROUSAL!!!”

click here for this movie clip

If you hadn’t seen the FREE gallery before – then CLICK HERE

See why SLUTSPANKING is one of the UK’s sexiest Girl Girl Spanking sites!

Tommorow, see what I’ve been viewing from around the globe, I promise you it’ll be a great update, I have just had a refreshing cold shower to cool down watching my spanking filth today!
Phew! Pervingly,


  1. tim tim

    i was a member at Brit spank but the standard went down.

  2. The whole group of sites are crap since they sold up, the new owners buy in content, only one producer makes content for them, I thought about it but after what those wankers did to me – forget it!

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