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Sisters Thrashed Before breakfast!

Hi everyone, just a very quick update, I just got in from a pleasant day out, only ruined by some total C*NT who dented the side of my car with their car door from the pub carpark, my fault, I shouldn’t have parked next to some piece of shit 4×4 but these ignorant c*nts drove off quickly, knowing what they’d done, I had no chance  to get their registration and no witnesses who could really help as I ran to my car knowing something was up! To these people, I honestly wish long lingering cancer on them, I know it’s harsh, but I am just fed up with people’s atttudes nowadays, trying to f*ck over other people – this goes for many people that seem intent on f*cking me or my family about, enough – times are changing my friends!

Anyway, caught this latest update and checked out the next parts to the movie! (which I liked alot) and there’s now a FREE gallery to promote the latest movie from BRITSPANK!
A totally unnecessary and over the top punishment of the crime of scrumping pears from next door.
BRING IT ON! THRASH These impudent teens arses HARD!
I have to say, the punishments in this movie are EXCELLENT! Makes me feel better seeing these girls get a damned hard and unfair thrashing!!!

Cathy & Jasmine were looking forward to the summer holidays but stupidly decided to embark on an act of sheer vandalism destroying the local Vicars garden. Jasmine was enjoying an early morning bath when she heard shouting on the landing. Soon she too was dragged from the bathroom (naked) and was informed that their disgraceful behavior had been found out and both of them would be punished!


Hope you are having a less stressful time than me this weekend!

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