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The Annoying Adios-Max TV Ad

OK, I am desperate to know who this babe is, I have tried Googling her, checking out forums and those Yahoo answer type question/forums but no one seems to know just who this model is who stars in this 30 second commercial which has been plaguing British TV screens for the last 6 months!
So if anyone knows…please please leave me a comment – God, just check out her rear in those skimpy pink panties, bollocks to “The Adios Effect”, it’s giving me severe “wood” maybe she should do an advert for Viagra instead?

click to play this flash clip

Anyway, this commercial is a good lesson in how to make a memorable advert, all you have to do is get a hot model like this babe to dance around in her knickers.
Still, do you really think this appeals to fatties too obese or lazy enough to get out of their beds to slim? Hmmm. Would it encourage them to dance down the street in their skimpy underwear?
Anyway, if you haven’t seen this ad before, enjoy the fact that a girl is jiggling around shaking her arse in those tight pink pants! I do!  😀

OK, back later with some usual updates, let me know if you find out this model’s name, first person that does leave a comment, I will reward you with a single site membership of your choice from the Xerotics sites!!!


  1. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Rumour suggests that your model might be Cressida Wilson –

    Not to be confused with Erin Cressida Wilson, the 45yr-old US playwright.

  2. Brad Brad

    I dont know who she is, BUT i do know a trip over my knee is in order for her!
    Mmm, mmm. cute.

  3. Hmm, you could well be right, although it does look like her, there’s no credits as to what she has done on her website, although it’s more of a socialite type Black book, “real London” experience for those that can afford to avoid the usual tourist traps, I’d love to have her show me round! 😀

    If you prove correct, I will honour my word and get you a membership of your choice from the Xerotics sites if you wish (subject to verification, of course)

    Wonder if Cressida does “Extras” – LOL

  4. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Well, it would be nice if I’m right then 🙂

  5. tim tim

    who ever the girl is she is cute with a nice rounded botty nice advert best wishes tim .

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