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It’s now 2 weeks since the abduction of 4 year old British girl Madeleine McCann.

Find Madeleine

If ever an abductor picked the wrong child to take, then this is the one!
Unprecedented media coverage worldwide, a family determined to find their girl alive, a nation behind them.
I know it’s peanuts with my little contribution, but if you were in Praia de Luz in Portugal or that area around May 3rd then take a look at the website set up.
OVER 60 Million hits already! Also click for the famous downloadable poster, Madeleine has a distinct blemish in her right eye!
I want this girl’s face to be ingrained on everyone’s memory, just as her parents want everyone to remember!
Check out the extensive news coversge on the website set up to highlight her disappearance.
My thoughts are with the family, may we find her alive soon!




Sorry to be so serious, hope you all understand.
We can’t let them take our children!


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