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Justine’s RED cheeks at SpankingDigital

A Classic movie, I just watched this again and I’m hoping Justine will leave a comment here and give her side of the story! This was one of the first hairbrush movies I’d witnessed “on set” and I have to say seeing Justine wriggle her burning ass high in the air thrust over that chair with her hot cheeks glowing red and her pussy exposed from behind, hearing her snivelling as she was told off, well, twas just a “Cold Shower” moment! Have to say, it was a nice slutty costume you had on there Justine  🙂

See for yourself below in this homage to Justine from this publication (ahem)
OK, just click on the image below…heh heh

burning cheeks - click here

This MOVIE can be viewed below (highly recommended)

or can be viewed via the 4 SITE SPANKPASS

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