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Naughty OTK Spankings

From the new site – I have been busy viewing and downloading their content and I thought I’d share with you a fantastic and very rude OTK spanking you’d expect between a couple in the privacy of their own home.

Sandra is punished by angry hubby and although he’s stern with her and rudely opens up her cheeks, (slyly stroking her enflamed pussy), he doesn’t forget that he’s there to punish her! It doesn’t help when he knows she’s getting aroused – but , hey, he can fuck her later…right now, it’s hard spanking time and he even resorts to the strap to quell his missus! I particularly chose this movie to show you as I hadn’t seen it at all in any form, and it’s a cracker!!!

Sandra's Full Bottom Treatment

OK, so you liked the Free Gallery, others will soon also see this, but I have also made this FREE OTK clip which is a FIRST HERE, please be aware that it is explicit as Hubby spanks, fondles and strolkes her pussy as well as her red cheeks – sure you won’t mind, eh?  😀


Ok, now if that’s got you interested there are some great OTK scenes, some you may have seen before, others like the above you won’t have, but they’ve all been remastered, and some have had additional footage added from extra editing. what’s more the introductory price is very low, just $9.95 a month, now I know there are OTK lovers out there, this site is for YOU!!!

There’s a few more images I took from some movies below, and you can be sure I will be featuring these as well as many more over the next few weeks so if you can’t wait, then check the site out HERE

Click thumbs below for larger vid screen grabs

otk1 otk2 otk3

Back soon, enjoy the new site, I am!  😉

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