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Showing more than their arse!

I have to smile when some girls are willing to bend over completely naked and complain that their pussies are showing, well, it’s an occupational hazard, I guess. One of the worst protestors on this subject was Miss Brat herself, “Miss Rosaleen Young!” She used to have strategic covers and patches, so I heard, sometimes protecting her modesty (not always, I never saw any on set, but it’s what I heard. So you’d not get to see her cute minnie with its erotic tuft of hair. Miss Young really was in a league of her own, often reminding me of asian models with the  silky downy pubes on display!
Now I am a colossal pervert, I make no apologies for that, I’m a red blooded male that has needs and wants, and sometimes,  demand, nay…MUST see a quivering quim from behind and a thrashed arse, then so be it! The reason I’m waffling here is because yours truly was the cameraman in the remastered Rosaleen Young film “Seat of the problem” and I deliberately zoomed in on Rosaleen’s fine red buttocks, but I also managed to get as much intrusive footage of her “down there” as I could too!

“Please, no, Chief, you can’t film my naked chaffe!”
Rosaleen Young

I heard she went nuts when the film was first released, LOL! Well, now it has been remastered, re edited and some missing footage I took added and now is available at StrictSpanking in the latest movie. Miss Strict now has some excellent Rosaleen Young films all to herself and I know there are some serious Ros lovers out there, this  film was one of my favourites (for the reasons I explained) and she really got a damned good thrashing off Shanelle that day, even MORE satisfying! Check out some vid grabs from this latest movie OUT NOW for my fellow pervs to hungrily download!

ros1 ros2 ros3

ros4 ros5 ros6

As I said, I can not praise this film highly enough, especially as it’s now been carefully remastered!!! See the film that Rosaleen didn’t want you to see!



Another lady who we often don’t see much of “down there” is one Miss Elizabeth Simpson! Well, just occassionally, apart from that dreadful caning and buggering she took (which incidentally, webmasters, as I know you read this, would be, I’m sure a HIT if that was remastered to the best possible resolution!!!) SEE THE FREE GALLERY OF THAT HERE

I am digressing, but I reckon this film below was also one of Elizabeth’s most shameful punishments, she was seriously humiliated, treated like muck and a piece of meat. See the way she was spanked OTK with an intrusive inspection of privates and anus, and the open parted cheeks caned and strapped. CLICK HERE or the image below for more info and agreat free gallery!


Download the FULL Movie via the SpankMyBottom website

Or if you prefer, via the 4 Site SPANKPASS Network


Finally, I thought I’d show you a couple of images from a movie at SPANKING ARCHIVES which has a remastered movie that I had never seen before, and I like the name of it as it was after me!


See the “Chief’s Inspection” as I play a bumbling fool overawed by the buttocks on display and I appear to enjoy spanking and fondling venus (who I must say is impossibly tall), her cheeks were practically in my face when she was bent over, the whiff of female scent wafting up from between her parted thighs…enough of that, check out the images below!

chief2 chief3 chief4

Now see the smiles and laughter turn to tears and misery as Venus, Darling & Niki take it in turns to face the verbal berating and tongue lashing  of Mistress Shanelle who is appalled at the girls behaviour followed by a nasty spanking – frivolity & mirth replaced with misery, then the girls were sent packing!

chief5 chief6 chief7

Spanking Archives has the complete movie to download today!

Have a great weekend, everyone, as I type this, I see that England are DESTROYING, yes DESTROYING the Aussies in the 5th and deciding Ashes Series!
COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!! Bring our precious Ashes Home!!!
(Apologies to those who don’t understand cricket, but this is one series that really has passion!!!)

Ashes Test day 2

Edit: “WE WON!!!!” Get in….. take that Skippy!!!  :D  😀

Have a good ‘un….

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