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Elizabeth Simpson Special!

Here is a quick tribute to one of the grand stars of spanking in the UK, Miss Elizabeth Simpson! I’ve got some new and classic galleries that cover what Elizabeth is about and the types of punishments that she takes and, as many of you know, also enjoys dishing out to unsuspecting foolish girls that cross her path!
I will also bring you news of an offer where you can view Elizabeth on a multi site special offer, but more of that later!

A severe classic of Elizabeth below, caned hard on arrival, she wasn’t happy at all about this movie, as I recall! Caned and strapped with a hangover…yikes, serves her right, I guess!

severe caning punishment

The 3 galleries below feature Elizabeth in a variety of Domestic situations, all ending up with her big mesmerising behind being bared and thrashed as hard as you like, those of you who know Elizabeth, know that this girl can be quite a pain slut and cantake one hell of a thrashing if required! She does tend to complain more nowadays, which I find more endearing, as you also see real distress when she approaches her threshold…anyway, see why Elizabeth is one of the biggest spanking stars in the UK and why she has her own dedicated site HERE!

click here click here click here

Finally, check out this classic with Rosaleen Young, these 2 fought like cat and dog on set and Elizabeth never gave Rosaleen much room to relax when she topped her, every punishment, and there are many, between these 2 cracking girls feature hard discipline, definitely no patty cake spankings strappings or canings here, Elizabeth wouldn’t know how to give a light spanking!!!

Elizabeth & Rosaleen

SpankMyBottom is the dedicated Simpson Archives, but it also contains everything done by Rosaleen Young in her own archived store, so effectively 2 sites in one, though Rosaleen has retired there are literally dozens of Gigs of Rosaleen movies all exclusively & originally produced for this site! SpankMyBottom has keen pricing and have some excellent longer term offers and I challenge anyone not to say that this site is tiddly, it’s got a MASSIVE archive and all films produced over the last 2-3 years are Hi Quality and all are now filmed on genuine HD cams!

Remember I said there was a special offer at the 4 SITE SPANKPASS ??

They are offering a HALF PRICE 3 month membership for just $49.95, these are 4 premium sites (including SpankMyBottom, of course) and contain 100s of Gigs of spanking content. That works out at about 4 Dollars a site per month, no rebill worries and enough time to fully appreciate all 4 cracking sites, a worthy deal, please check it out below while it’s around, as it won’t be there long!


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