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Clare Fonda’s Latest SpankedCallgirls Movie

The latest movie to come out at is a multi girl spanking affair with Miss Chris from Arizona taking Jenni Mack, slutty Sarah Gregory and brothel madame Clare Fonda over her knee in this delightful all girl romp!

Clare knows how we still enjoy seeing her thrashed (she puts many girls almost half her age to shame!!!) and this movie is no exception as she gets her comeuppance at the end – in front of her girls at the hands of Miss Chris! These are the sort of movies I really enjoy, seeing the Dommes get their just desserts every now and then as well!

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Miss Chris the femme domme out of Arizona is spanking her real life sub Jenni Mack with uber brat Sarah Gregory. She catches up with them at Clare’s seedy hotel to get Jenni out of prostitution so she is very hard on her girl and her friend Sarah who is involved with her and eventually getting the madame as well. All three women submit their bottoms to her and it is not every day you see three very red bare bottoms being punished but Miss Chris is an excellent disciplinarian! She is strict and once the scene starts the girls have no choice but to be very sorry and take it hard. There is no amount of saying sorry or wiggling and moaning that can stop her from delivering the hard hand spanking (no paddles needed) that these three sluts deserve (see images from this movie below).

DSC_0106 DSC_0114 DSC_0115 DSC_0119

DSC_0120 DSC_0125 DSC_0131 DSC_0138


& of course members will have just downloaded this recent beautiful spanking movie below with whores Alanah Rae and Kenzie, mm mmm! Enjoy…Chief

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  1. Miss Chris really gave it to us good . I thought she was going to go soft on me but at one point her whack almost made me fly off the bed and she also called me an “Old Whore” Miss Chris doesn’t care who’s cutting the check she takes care of business.

  2. John Joyce John Joyce

    Would youlike to cane or strap Miss Chris?

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