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Weekend naughties

Hello everyone, I have got some excellent spanking stuff that I have been perusing on my search around the Net and have come up with some crackers below which I have reviewed and viewed fully so can definitely recommend any of the following and what a treat there is instore if you do!

Firstly, from FetishFlixx comes a cute blondie heartbreaker who is simply adorable, I can tell you if she was bent over Chief’s knee, with her bare teenage bottom stuck high in the air and listening to her sniff plead and sob for me NOT to spank her, I’d be unable to stop any filthy floodgates of torment from below. So luckily for her, she wasn’t chastised by me otherwise it would have been some bukkake site review instead, lol!

Please be upstanding for the beautiful Laura, FetishFlixx have surpassed themselves with this gorgeous little thing, please see her in the free gallery and movie clip I have managed to find (I’ve seen the whole film and she’s f*cking HOT! I love the way she snivels and simpers, so submissive!!!)

click here for more of the bared beauty

Even that clip doesn’t do the girl justice – excuse me while I take a cold shower, back in a sec….CHECK OUT FETISHFLIXX….seriously!

OK, poor Chief ain’t getting any better with the next update as new fave girl Aileen from unique real girls spanked next door site:  Spanked At Home really has my attention and the “Horn” in what I reckon is her best movie yet, just take a look at the FREE gallery provided by Spanked At Home on their tour page of Aileen in this film! The storyline is great too:

Naughty Aileen thinks it’s really funny to put a raw egg into one of Alex’s shoes. However, he has the last laugh when he finds out what the stupid (but absolutely gorgeous) girl has done. He immediately fetches his trusty punishment hairbrush and takes Aileen over his knee for a sound spanking. Very soon her beautiful face is full of tears…and her bum redder than Mars! (Check her out on the tour page below)

Raw Eggs - with Aileen
Check out the tour pages at Spanked at Home and you will see some real faves of mine such as redhead Justine and chunky butt babe Nadine! It’s a great site with real amateur girls filming us their exploits with their partners!
Apolgogies if I have already shown this (I don’t think so) but I was watching it earlier, saw this promo poster and had to let you know about it, as it’s a filthy intimate spanking movie and from the excellent new site OTKspank which only has remastered and re edited movies with one thing in mind….bare bottom OTK!!!

click here
& please also check out their amazing LOW PRICED sign up options, one of the best bargain sign ups around for monthly or longer term deals…if you’re into OTK (who isn’t?) you’ll be in utter Heaven!
OK everyone, have a good one and enjoy yourselves, check out the sites I’ve recommended and you won’t go far wrong this weekend. Back soon as always!
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