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Amelia Jane Rutherford – Callgirl Spanking

I just had to interrupt your weekend to let you in on this fantatstic update out now in full from which stars probably the tallest spanking model around, with those fantaastsic toned dancer legs and cute cute derriere, yes, plummy mouthed Brit babe, AJR!!!

& I can’t tell you what a sight she is, with her slutty stockings on, ready for work, only getting thrashed for letting down her Madame Momma Clare once again! She can fuck up everytime as far as I’m concerned, see AJR in this special free promo gallery below from the movie!

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Wow! YOU CAN VIEW THE FULL MOVIE (& tons more like this) at Spanked Callgirls

PS. Don’t miss the amazing turn the tables scenario with Clare being treated like a bitch by one of her pieces of meat, Chloe Elise…it’s a sort of “what if” daydream sequence, but of course, the movie is made for us so it’s very real – and I highly recommend you folk take a peek at that!!!! Momma Clare still has it…mm mmm!

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  1. Divine perfection.

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