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Special Film Review – Rosaleen Young

I have decided to make this a feature of the blog then place the film reviews on a seperate page for everyone’s future reference (when I get round to producing more)

Anyway, this review was prompted by one of my colleagues who wrote on another blog about Rosaleen and asked if I’d do a film review of this particular film. As it’s starring Rosaleen Young and Elizabeth Simpson, I was happy to. Nothing does it for me in the hard FF spanking world like these 2 fighting cat and dog!!! This film (Tom Boy) is no exception and you’ll see Rosaleen at her bratty best and Elizabeth eventually subduing the pouty madam after a lot of hard punishments! Go grab yourself a nice glass of wine, dim the lights sit back, relax and enjoy this review. Courtesy of FetishFlixx

In this movie: Rosaleen hates dressing like a girl, preferring to wear baseball caps, shapeless tee shirts and jeans, much to the annoyance of Elizabeth who has bought her a nice pink frilly dress for her to wear when they are due out later that day. Rosaleen’s look of disgust at the dress only sparks a heated argument and before we know it both are wrestling until Elizabeth’s verbal assualt subdues bratty Ms Young onto the sofa where she’s spanked and quickly caned over her jeans! Rosaleen is ordered to put on the dress “OR ELSE!” and given some time to think about it. Check out the early images and the free clips I’ve cut from the movie. The vid grabs I made myself so bear with me, once you see the quality of the WMV files, you’ll realize that it’s a remastered film.



Quite often, I usually side with the Domme against Rosaleen as she brings every punishment on herself with her bratty behaviour, but up to now, you really feel for her as the dress is nothing short of embarrassing, you can hardly blame her for acting up. However, sumpathy with Miss Bratty-pants soon disappears as she continues to brat and complain and in the end you just want to see her thrashed…and in the movie, Elizabeth does not disappoint us!

Now what you’ll find in this film, apart from the usual witty banter between these 2 (and there’s plenty of chat back from Rosaleen justifying her stance) you’ll also get to see some great cam angles as Rosaleen is forced to remove her dowdy boyish clothes and try on the pink dress. Now, when you see the state of the dress, you can understand why Rosaleen went nuts refusing to wear it as it makes her look like Bo-Peep!!!

Check out the 2 free clips below, you’ll see the 1st where she’s punished in her jeans with a cracking cane shot and the 2nd clip is longer (about a minute) and shows Rosaleen changing out of her clothes as Elizabeth helps her into that awful pink dress! Some gratifying shots of a fully nude Rosaleen…enjoy!


Rosaleen thinks that by putting on the dress that’ll be an end to it, but she’s mistaken as her stroppy attitude earns her a spanking, strapping and a final nasty caning across her bared and very sore buttocks! There are some genuinely hard scenes as Elizabeth rains down powerful stroke after stroke of the leather strap followed with a humiliating caning of a very tearful Rosaleen! A great finale which really makes this movie a definite “MUST SEE” in full. It’s a mid length film (many of Rosaleen’s films are often just 10 minutes or so, this one is about 15 in length and is a totally enjoyable viewing experience from start to end! The sort of film you DO NOT fast forward…which in my opinion says it all, it’s a cracking romp…literally!


Witness this final scene (below) which is part of the finale of Rosaleen’s strapping…what you must imagine is that this ferocity continued for many unrelenting minutes and withthe cane too…ouch! Anyone doubting whether Rosaleen could take a severe punishment, here’s more proof that she could!!!

This film is a remastered version and has been available to FETISHFLIXX members for some time. There are 15 more Rosaleen Young movies all remastered at this site in a dedicated section and if you click the image below it will shows you a screen grab from that section of the website showing you the other movies!

Check out FETISHFLIXX and their sign up options – if you only want remastered spanking movies, all in high quality, then this is a great site to start with to keep you busy for months!


  1. the Serial Spanker the Serial Spanker

    Rosaleen Young — without doubt the sexiest angel who was ever turned over a knee.

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  3. Hard to disagree, this post was a labour of love for me, hope you all enjoy it!

  4. chris chris

    I agree Rosaleen is the best and it is a real shame that she has left.

  5. Petra Petra

    Great review (as usual!). Love this movie. One of my all time favorites. Thanks for reminding us of it, Chief!

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