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Special Investigative Report into “Schpannnkings!”

“Schpannnkings!” (roughly translated from Dutch as “Spankings”) and a bloke wearing his trademark stripey polo shirts? Pretty girls with red bottoms and some very cute facial expressions and equally cute accents from Holland…what am I on about? REAL LIFE SPANKINGS of course! Our Dutch hand-meister, Mike has been busy and this cutie with a fantastic large bottom gets the full “schpannnkings” treatment! Just take a look at Alice below and you’ll see what I mean! How dare she turn up looking like that, poor Mike had to seriously concentrate on making sure the punishment works…looking at Alice, I’d be weak and probably have a boner from hell! We can all enjoy these images in the privacy of our homes without the dreaded “Trouser Arousal” shaming us!

Warning – Trouser Arousal level: 4.5/5.0



I would have thrashed Alice quite severely myself given half the chance, reason? That Playboy tattoo on her right cheek, it would be like a target to me! LOL

You can see MORE of Alice (and she is quite amazing in film) HERE

Oh before I go (for now) Bonus images of some fantastic facials from another fave of mine from Real Life Spankings below, ladies and gents, I give you tearful teenager, Angel!


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  1. According to my independent research and video analysis, Mike owns 126 striped polo shirts.


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