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Sarah Silverman’s “spanking bruise”

I know I know….this is probably old news to my American friends, especially those who still watch Letterman (can’t believe his shows are STILL going strong)…anyway, a few weeks back, one of my favourite comediennes goes on the show and admits her new man is a spanko…

“You know what’s great about parents,” Sarah told David Letterman Wednesday night, “is that when you get famous you can do anything you want and they can’t do anything about it.”
On a recent trip home, Sarah said that she and her mom were hanging out in the bathroom while she waited for the shower to heat up. As she went to get into the shower, her mom said in horror, “Sarah, what is that?!”
“I looked in the mirror behind me and noticed that on my tushie is a bruise the exact same shape of a hand,” she said. “And I was able to just say, I’m sleeping with a man that spanks me.”


Wow, I always knew why I had a thing for her, I even remember her stealing the episodes with her humour she starred in the early 1990’s Star Trek Voyager episodes when she called Tom Paris cute in a “howdy-dudey” sort of way! Sarah!!! Please come over to England and tell us more about your spanko shennanigans on the Jonathan Ross show, I’m sure he’d appreciate talking about it!

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