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Ass Grabbing Bonus!

Hello there… before I bring you today’s 3rd Halloween post of the week, for one individual that so loves me, please do enjoy this post! All images found courtesy of Googling “Ass Grabbing and or Grab/Grabber.” heh heh – childish I know, but so much fun when you see what fun people have with statues and the like, cool eh?


 I don’t know why… but this pic just brings out a big smile in me too, LOL! 🙂



This image makes me laugh even louder… Oh those Japanese!!!


& of course there’s fun with statues… the whole point is not to take ourselves too seriously, as these gorgeous fun loving folk demonstrate! I will also be reviewing my latest POV film at some point since the images there or clips seems to have offended one person deeply, yes, it contains a scene of ass grabbing, about 2-3 seconds on probably 2 occasions (from memory). It’s a film about spanking beautiful Casey Calvert from your perspective over your lap, or as close to your lap in real life as we could get her since it’s on film *sigh*






This post is dedicated to all those fearless anonymous internet warriors “out there!” – We salute you!

When Schoolgirls attack!

Just a bit of fun, I forgot about these images so have put up a few of us playing. I think Sarah makes a rather good pervy schoolgirl getting her own back on a rather surprised and upset Mr Osborne, don’t you think? I particularly like the ass grab pic… it felt good at the time, lol! I will be back later with the latest of the “Halloween Spankings” for this week – update 2! (well, any excuse really to see girls in uniforms getting spanked!!!)

“When Schoolgirls Attack!” or Mr Osborne stars in “Bottom Marks!” *titter*







Bridesmaid Butts

I saw an article recently about a trend that is probably happening right near you at the moment… it would appear that at weddings the customary photos are also being enhanced with a few fun outtakes with the bridesmaids (and bride if she so wishes) revealing their panties or bare butts underneath their dresses. Now I am not a prude, of course… and so I welcome this trend, especially as outdoor weddings right now are the “in thing” with the weather being so nice… so here are a few images to give you an idea of a great distraction before I get back to the business of scouring the interwebs for more fabulous spanking updates and my own news and such 🙂

These girls all deserve such naughty spankings… don’t they? 🙂










canadian-american-flagHappy Holidays everyone, I won’t mention it tomorrow, as most of those in the USA will be setting off fireworks and roasting hogs or some such nonsense this weekend… and of course happy belated “Canada Day” to my colonial cousins from July 1st 🙂 – I feel I may need to apologize over the last video for our #ifwewon tag to my literal American peeps… it would seem some of you take these things WAY TOO LITERALLY (what did I say??? WHAT…. DID…. I… SAY? ) so here is enchanting all round English hawt MILF, Elizabeth Hurley, to do the apologizing for me (or maybe not, lol) –  Happy Holidays y’all 🙂

Kitty Kitty Spank Spank

Whilst scanning channels recently I came across an American sitcom series called 2 Broke Girls – it’s cheesy at best, but the 2 actresses are hot, brunette Kat Dennings and blonde Beth Behr (you can Google them for their acting credentials and other modelling images if you so wish). However, I decided to check out the series and found this little spanky gem in what was called the “Kitty Kitty Spank Spank” scene… I’ll let you watch the clip below… this appeal to lovers of F/M and F/F spanking persuasion… LOL!

 More images and gifs are found below from this series… this has also fueled my fetish for waitressing uniforms like this… and I will no doubt be scouring the internet for something similar to get my girls spanked in at some point, well… why not? Back later with more updates to start off your week that I know you will appreciate!


241510-2-broke-girls-2-broke-girls 241511-2-broke-girls-2-broke-girls





brokegirls brokegirls2


Random Nonsense and Spanking Updates…

The Interwebz… don’t you just love how random some shit can be out there? I was preparing my post for you all today, and got (predictably) delayed looking at some zany randomness and instead of bringing you some LOLcats (or even obese or singing cats that I had been watching – don’t ask me why, it just felt right at the time…) I checked out something from the past that I came across by accident and 2 variations of a Punjabi hit music video – “WTF?” You might ask? Well, check out the number of hits on this Youtube vid below, it’s pretty well known, absolutely and delightfully cheesy, the special effects are hilarious but the tune is strangely addictive… just the smile and lift I needed after a pretty lame day back at work!

Then check out what I love about the fabled internet as you can then check out a hilarious parody of this loveable geezer as a rendition of Rick Astley’s famous hit is shown below: Enjoy… you lovers of all things 80’s!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

“Never gonna give you up”…. ok, now that I’m in a jovial mood, lets see what’s out there for all you lovers and seekers of everything we love about spanking!

Kelly Wilson is one such girl that makes me smile, a cute thing, a cute accent and an ever so spankable bottom… no wonder when she was giving a lapdance to a client that he couldn’t keep his hands to himself as you’ll see below!




When Kelly Wilson goes to see George Butcher for a private lapdance session she expected him to keep his hands to himself. When he touches her and Kelly slaps his face she discovers George would prefer to put his hands repeatedly onto her pert bottom!

You might want to know that there’s MUCH MORE of Kelly at many exclusive spanking films from Sound Punishment like this free gallery below shows you (click image) which reveals her as a rather naughty schoolgirl getting her just desserts! Yum, I’m full just watching! 🙂


Danielle Hunt is another girl that is a real sweetie, I know she has been rather busy recently and is also going to be starring at my site soon as I’m filming her after this weekend, but first, she is back filming with Mike and you can see one of her last excellent uniform films as she looks convincing as a Dutch Nato recruit who doesn’t know how to shine shoes properly!





Cadet Danielle Hunt has a problem keeping her boots clean and polished. Her officer called her for a personal inspection during which she got a special duty caning. She was then told to clean her boots and report to his office in 15 minutes. When she was inspected again, her boots were not clean enough so he put her over his knee and gave her a long, hard paddling with the Academy’s special, steel enforced, heavy leather paddle.

Check out more of Danielle’s spanking films HERE

Before I leave this site, you might want to know that Caroline Grey (yes, another of my spanking crushes) is back as a nurse in trouble and you can see a few images from this latest film and judge for yourself!



Nurse Caroline was scheduled to assist Dr. Johnson in surgery but she didn’t show up. He found her in the nurses station and dragged her by her ear to his office and put her bare bottomed in the corner untill he finished the surgery. When her returned, he found her not in the corner and she got a sound OTK spanking for missing the surgery and a sound strapping for not staying in the corner.. Then she had to spend 2 hours in the corner

See why has some of the best niche uniform spankings around!


Now I thought you might want to know some of my nominations at the annual Awards which you can first of all nominate HERE

Ahem, if any of you (I see iwasrobert has kindly nominated my site as best improved, so “thank you, Sir”  – which I am really chuffed about) please do get in your nominations… I know I am stretching things a bit trying to get my blog nominated in the awards too, as it is basically a promotional/industry type blog but there is a lot of personal and my own behind the scenes stuff with plenty of special clips and other stuff which takes a bloody long time to set up and which no other bloggers really do (I can see bloody why!!!) and sense of humor most don’t probably get (heh!) so do understand that and yes I know, I should really change the damned design of this blog, it’s something I am definitely going to be doing for 2012 – 100%!


Here is Veronica Ricci – shown at SpankedCallgirls (one of my fave sites of Clare Fonda) getting a good hard embarrassing spanking with her beautiful blistered butt and splayed legs looking at us viewers provocatively… *mmm*




MORE Films of hooker babe Veronica looking so so sexy can be seen HERE

There is a free gallery showcasing another of Veronica’s films at one of Clare’s other class sites – (the home of all her Exclusive 1st show girls, newbies, interviews and of course… spankings!) Click image below for a cool free gallery:

See MORE of what is available at SpankedSweeties HERE

The beauty of Veronica can also be clearly seen when she is dressed as a schoolgirl in the infamous Exclusive Education Series… click images below for the special reminder galleries!


Exclusive Education 6 is available in FULL only from


As I have said a 1000 times, you can view all of Clare’s sites featured here as part of the CLARE FONDA PASS offering amazing value and highly recommended!


Again, I have been busy today so can only bring you this but I have a fantastic new film I am uplaoding and preparing for my members of tomorrow – I’ll tease you by saying the title of the film is called “Who wet the bed?” We had a lot of fun making this film and I can’t wait to let you know more tomorrow!!! Til then… cheers. Chief

6th Love our Lurkers Day

The 6th LoL Day is finally here. Six of the best! I like six and so should you! The basic concept of Love Our Lurkers is simple. All those people that read blogs and such but never leave or comment or contribute in another way (henceforth referred to as a “lurker”) are invited to do the totally unexpected – to leave a comment. You don’t even have to send me your real email address when you send in a comment, no need to leave a site address, just click on the comments and say “Hi!” or whatever, I know there are 1000′ s of daily readers so I’d love you guys who hve never left a comment (as well as those who do, which I really appreciate) to leave me a comment. Even if it is to say “I suck and I stink” etc… I can handle it 🙂 Hey, you remember my crazy cat spankings? Well, here below is my reward, I loved this little clip from a French Canadian family who have a cute Siamese kitteh-kat… that loves to be spanked, heh heh!


Below are the links to my other cat spanking inspired posts in case you forgot 🙂

& below is why cats are so clever and cute…

Talking cats… I love them, hope you enjoyed seeing these clips, I shall be posting more spanking updates (of humans, most notably the female of the species next time), so don’t go far now! Chief.

Click on OMG Kitty below for a reminder of more cat spankings! (and some interesting human spanking stuff too!)

Sarah’s 1st Detention & other spankings

Well, as predicted, the “riots” (well, not riots as such, just mass copycat criminality by those who see a cheap thrill of getting something for nothing and destroying the lives of those who have worked hard to make something of themselves) it has been continuing although once you put enough resources into something like policing the capital city, these cowardly hoodie scum soon disappear! In a way, it’s rather like the piracy I have suffered this last month, although I am kind of on top of it (by putting in extra resources) there are still a couple of determined Russian pirates that I’d love to pour boiling hot water onto their gonads… just for fun, of course, rather like the looters have claimed – so despite those distractions of ensuring my hard work isn’t totally ripped off constantly, you can view our site now from just $8.50 a month FFS! So taking time away from producing and promoting which really FUCKS ME OFF! Here is the latest film from AAAspanking which I rather like as it has Sarah Gregory in her very 1st detention getting a lesson in how to speak the “Queen’s English” and also know what it’s like to get a darned good slippering that we Brits like so much to dish out! (When feral scum aren’t looting our shops).

Check the image below for a brand new long play FREE Preview Clip

Sarah Gregory stars in her 2nd schoolgirl film & shows us some of her infamous bratty cheek (or sass – as she calls it). Her Detention soon turns into a bare bottom punishment when a simple test on how to talk “proppah! – like wot we duz in England” goes horribly wrong when she can not identify how to say the words & correct pronunciation for simple things like tomatoes (she says “to-MAY-toes” when everyone knows we here in England say “to-MA-toes”) then she ridicules our “Chocolate Bars” & hasn’t a clue what she thinks are “Chips” (they are “CRISPS” we eat Chips or “French Fries” as she would ignorantly say… with our wonderful Fish) & the list is endless… so a good bare bottom spanking with a good old fashioned leather slippering, the English way, is needed to correct her wayward tongue! Sarah should learn to talk like her English cousins when she’s a guest in our riot torn country… & we will hope you find her mastery of our language at the end both amusing & hopefully a lesson to those “cheeky brats” out there that dare mock our accents! The final scenes of Sarah stood up with her hands on her head have to be seen to be believed as she recites the “Queen’s English” like us Limeys! What a good sport she is… next she’ll be learning the rules to cricket & rugby!






See this and the other exclusive films with us starring Sarah Gregory at


Now Sarah has a fine bubble butt, so that is my little theme today and what you are about to witness in a new update from is probably one of my most under rated spanking stars that I adore, the “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth” look of Corrine Gonzalez – she who has a most amazing bubble butt booty, so deliciously spankable that how could her evil House Mistress, Allaura Shane (who I have to say is getting better at this switching malarky) finds ANY excuse to tan that ripe rump! Oh… and check out Corrine’s amazing long hair… impressive, eh? See what happens to Corrine in this latest installment below, actually when you see the story of what happened… she DID deserve it this time! & I can tell you – Allaura really did WHACK her hard with the paddle… OUCH!





You can see more of this severe paddling with a free film preview of Corrine right here!


Now the possessor of the most jiggly, eye-wateringly addictive bubble butt (for me) has to belong to my full time crush and webcam harlot/tease/spanko (delete or include together as applicable) – the one and only Amber Dawn from the Frisco Bay Area… yup, another reason for me to venture to California, one day! You may have seen some images shown elsewhere below from her SpankAmber site – but what you may not have known is that this movie in all its parts is NOW available so I will feature it here. You wanna see Amber get a spanking and a leather belting on the sofa? No problem! Hey… you wanna see Amber give her lucky fella, Daddy, a slurpy, mouth watering blowjob and take his thick wad whilst she rubs and grinds herself off jiggling that freshly tanned butt of hers on full display? No problem… just beware this is HOT naughty stuff between a real life couple, so expect full on nasty & very erotic personal playtime that we are privileged to view! 🙂





That last image I chose says it all “The cat that got the (man)cream” – Amber is an incredibly hot and very erotic lady who looks after herself, loves the attention she gets on camera, members of her site can see some of the shenannigans she gets up to and so much more CLICK HERE for more info…

Finally, from – her own take on femdom of other interesting and very real girl next door types you DO NOT see elsewhere, I remember Amber telling me about this girl, I think this was her 2nd black girl or non caucasian type… you know what I mean… I think she was half Swedish/half Jamaican… like the singer Neneh Cherry (who I had a thing for in the 1990s – anyway, I can see why she was so excited with this Rhianna-esque honey, only 19 years old, the way Amber likes her girls… fresh and young and never been spanked on film before! You’ll see Amber put her at ease and admire this girl’s trim waist, bubble butt and full D+ cup breasts that Amber has a generous feel of before continuing with her mission of turning this teenager’s jiggling butt a naughty crimson! You can see part of what is going on and those very naughty cut out pants pushing out Zahara’s rump (below)






I hope you appreciate these 1st show images of what Amber has been getting up to HERE

🙂 “One way ticket to San Francisco, please!” 🙂

ah, and as I finally get this post to edit, Amber has made available a whole load of images that others will blindly post without a thought in the world to how it was made, remember here – you get the FULL stories behind Amber’s fantastic films! ALWAYS!


OK, as darkness starts to descend here in the UK, please think good thoughts for the vast majority of us here sick to our back teeth of the utter feral scum that are taking away our communities… so it was good to see people of these communities fighting back to protect and cherish what they have built up! OK, Good night everyone and stay safe!

“My point, exactly!” Have a good ‘un, Chief.

Scorchio Spankings

The Spanking Forecast for today is “Mucho Scorchio!” – viewing today’s update comes with a severe Trouser Arousal warning so please take note of this important advisory before continuing on with your daily perusal of said baking hot spanking material! I in no way can be blamed for any unwanted “fronts” or Trouser tsnunamis… please refer to the websites causing such groinal distress if you wish to continue viewing without suing me 🙂

“Este el sábado el tiempo será… Mucho Scorchio!!!”

OK, as I tear myself away from that delightful Mexican chica’s rump… here are todays’ sizzlers all courtesy of Clare Fonda… she has a lot to answer for as I have gone through several pairs of casual beige Farah slacks (remember them?) today already (yes, more than you needed to know… ahem!)


Dani is an incredibly beautiful porn star that Clare has managed to procure for her spanking websites… and what’s more, Dani is a real life spanko, as revealed in her 1st appearances at recalling and then re-enacting some of her spanking memories and experiences at home growing up with the help of Clare’s hand and lap, of course! I have already shown you some images of Dani previously as you may have seen below… and I am loving the fact she also has red hair… oh my oh my!


Well, there is a new set of images and storyline coming out right now that details another “growing up” experience… was she a naughty girl? I’ll let you decide from these images!



See all of new girl Dani’s confessions, stories, interview and of course her spanking at


next is something I’ve been waiting for… Clare’s other recent revelation, Veronica Ricci playing a naughty callgirl who will of course get found out by Momma Clare for cheating behind her back trying to get bribes and presents off the punters… but could you say no to this doll?


* “Yup! I’d sell my soul, my mother’s soul and my sister’s for 5 minutes alone with you!”

Veronica is a real find… yes, we know she was a former Penthouse Pet… and it shows…. but also rather intriguingly she has quickly become an accomplished switch, both subbing and domming as you’ll see… but here, she’s a cheating callgirl and brothel owner Momma Clare is pissed at the way she tried not to delcalre her extra income and trinkets! Oops! Clare has some withering put downs that you can see in this latest film as well as a good hard spanking (and it really is) just check out Veronica’s beautiful speckled ass for proof!

* Disclaimer: If there really is a Devil in the soul buying business – I was just kidding (kind of)



See why I *might* just risk eternal damnation without a soul – CLICK HERE for more Veronica!


If that wasn’t bad enough… I had asked if these girls pair off, as I love Kay Richards, she’s one of Clare’s best finds over the years and I love her husky accent, naughty attitude and she has the body and breast i’d just want to play with all day (sigh – I digress) so to see her making out with Veronica… oh my…. it’s also the latest 2erotic” story punishment movie out now to download at Clare’s biggest site and these 2 kittykats purr and play upon each other while Kay’s lesbian “sugar momma”, Clare, is out of town…

Well, that is until Clare gets back early and discovers these 2 making out…, true to form, Clare doesn’t miss an opportunity to take advantage of the situation of the girls embarrassment and ensures she witnesses and gives a humbling spanking with some hot sexual play as a turned on Kay reveals a creamy pussykat as she brings herself off with a dildo! Gentlemen, if you haven’t already loosened your trouser garments… I suggest you should do so to avoid unnecessary crushing of the swollen private parts and ladies that are turned on by this sight, and I know that there be many, please do follow the actions of Kay below for a full and satisfying climax!




Members can see Veronica & Kay together for the 1st time HERE (do not miss it!)


Don’t forget, you can view all of the above sites sepereately or as part of a really cool pass which offers you the choice of choosing 3, 4 or 5 sites (there really isn’t any need for more unless you want to view less quality) and Clare’s sites are all about naughty quality updates on a regular basis and the bonus that you WILL NOT find any of her stuff duplicated on another site, unlike some that I could mention! So the CLARE FONDA PASS is – in my opinion, easily the best multi site deal around, check it out below:


& to finish today’s Clare-fest, I thought I’d remind you of a hot spanking and diaper punishment that yet another naughty adult actress got, I really like the way she tries to play “victims”, if you’ve seen Isobel Wren before (and you would have at Clare’s sites, she was one of the girls in the last Exclusive Education series, for example) – then check her out as a Naughty Diaper Girl – this film has it all, a cute girl already spanked, in diapers, humiliated, then caught playing with herself (again) and spanked…. then (phew) re diapered by Clare! See this wonderful mayhem below!

To those that think there’s no spanking at this site… nope, not true, clare does spank the girls in and out of their diapers as you’ll see here!







OK, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I’m away for a few days without internet access, so I hope you enjoy today’s update, and I have also updated my other blog HERE (yesterday) with yet more naughty spanking goodness!


Oh, and don’t forget my own site, there’s new movies added this week HERE and also at the Clips Site we have added 2 highly rated films, they are all live now and available to also view HERE

Laugh your Ass off!

I was in a real reminiscent mood today, bemoaning the crap that is on TV nowadays like the dreadful talent & reality shows spawned the world over… so I went onto Youtube for a giggle as I remembered growing up with “It’s a Knockout!” or “Jeux sans Frontieres” as they called it in Europe… and the best shows were after all the local national ones when we’d have the big competitions between the nations of Europe every Friday night… and “boy” did they provide a lot of laughs… please, whatever you do, please just waste a couple of minutes looking at the clip below, I PROMISE it will make you laugh out loud… this was one of the infamous games (The Penguins) and poor ol’ Doug from Britain really was making a mess of it. But of course, for me… what always made this show was the laughing from Stuart Hall (he’s still going strong nowadays but as a football commentator… just less laughter!)… he would literally wheeze and cry at the antics… I fail to see how anyone can not laugh with him, it is so addictive… so please… do enjoy this diversion before I bring you the spankings  I have for you today!

It really gets going on 1 min 40 …. “Go on Douggie!!!”

& so to the spankings… I am writing this with a BIG smile on my face, so as I’m in a good mood, let’s see what I was viewing earlier today from some of the UK websites first of all!

What better way to start than a look back at one amazing girl who plays such a tempting schoolie (I should know!) and that is Jasmine Lau, I think the images below of her OTK spanking and slippering do the punishment the justice that it deserves! These are taken from the exclusive recent updates found only from Agean’s excellent site



You can see many fantastic Free Movie previews including Jasmine (above) by CLICKING HERE


Now what you may not realize is that Gawping Cat (cousin of OMG Cat) – yeah… they get around, these kittehs, eh? Anyway, as I was saying… what you may not have known is that this poor cat sat through the entire audition and more of the very slinky Lotty (who I have seen elsewhere but no where near as sexily portrayed as she is at – so credit goes to a bare foot Mr Stern for bringing out the best in this very satisfying visual treat…. and thanks for showing off Lotty as beautifully as I knew she could appear! Well done… and now to find some darning materials for my trouser bumpage region (damned stitching is coming loose in the groin area for some bizarre reason!)

Lotty takes her 1st OTK and Implement Spanking in the buff at Red Stripe Films (below)



Slim teenager Lotty is in for a surprise, she had been spanked before but wanted to see what it felt like to try out various instruments of punishment. We welcome the interest of one so young and in the spirit of encouragement we had Mr. Stern bring along a selection of his finest whips, paddles and spanking tools. Lotty stood up to the application of the various instruments quite bravely, we are not sure if she will indulge her fantasy for being punished any further but you can see her great film exclusive to this site.

See Lotty being punished in a FREE Movie Preview HERE


Next up is gorgeous newcomer, Elle… who has the most amazing curves in all the right places, a beautiful smile and of course, a butt that cries out for us spankos to feast upon… I’ll let the images below do their magic… but this is one lady that deserves more attention!!!



An audition for English Spankers can be a very painful affair as Elle is finding out. After agreeing to be spanked for the first time she now has to decide, will she take the leather paddle. She agrees and bends over for the first hard strokes on her bottom. She did not realise just how painful it can be as you will see from her reactions but she did take all the strokes we had planed for her, was her bottom red and marked? See for yourself in our free film on the web site

More previews of beautiful glamour model Elle available HERE


& finally today… in the spirit of cross European “Jeux sans Frontieres” mirth and co-operation… our friends from The Netherlands (I can’t remember if the teams with the NL plates did well as we were always laughing at our own hapless representatives) have a brand new Airline Stewardess movie update from the Europe Airlines section at

Now I love this section so seeing it updated again and this time with Pandora Blake & Amelia Jane Rutherford… well, it couldn’t go wrong… and didn’t! Enjoy this uniform spanking special… I most certainly did!

On the flight to Athens stewardesses Amelia and Pandora decided to try out some new fake eyelashes in the toilet. They spent over 25 minutes in there and the passengers started to complain. This reached Mr. Johnson and both girls were soon in his office facing another sore bottom. Mr. Johnson, after scolding them, decided a sound over the knee thrashing with the heavy leather paddle was in order followed by some humiliating cornertime.




Check out MORE of this and all the latest specialist uniform punishments HERE


I hope you enjoyed this uplifting update, I’m gonna be away this weekend so I will get you a few updates on this blog and elsewhere before I go away… take care and hope you had fun reading today’s post 🙂

Regards, Chief.

When wives get spanked: Volume 4,388

As I breathe a sigh of relief over America being able to put another coin into the electric meter to keep the lights on for another few months… I decided to carry on safe in the knowledge that my American friends will still be able to use Dollars without the rest of the world laughing. Now since our site is priced in US Dollars… this is indeed a most helpful thing… so to celebrate, I have got a classic British sitcom type spanking update NEW to our site today. It’s a classic Domestic Discipline movie between a man and his wife… it’s got plenty of humor in it (with some withering “put downs” by both husband and wife as well as some great OTK spanking… and the bit I liked best was when the pissed off hubby… ably played by yours truly… whips off his belt for a final bare bottom thrashing of his missus… 1950’s style!

“Woman, know thy place!”

OK, I’m only kidding… (if ‘Er Indoors saw this I would no doubt receive a long, lengthy lecture about treating womenkind better…) but it’s pretty clear this is a fun pisstake on those stuffy husbands that think they know it all, but really are on the verge of losing their wives, either because they’re lame in bed, a hot headed tyrant… or just blessed with ALFie syndrome (Angry Little F*cker) … but the reason John ends up thrashing his missus is because she wanted to help make a good impression at their boring Dinner meeting with his stuffy boss…. however, she spent so much time trying to get ready that it backfired as his boss texts him telling them “Not to bother turning up” – making it very awkward… would he keep his job? This poor man can’t handle the pressure in these present difficult times… so perhaps this helps explain the underlying reasons why John blows his top… frustrated and fed up…. of course, it’s also an excuse to see yet another OTK spanking, some witty dialog and the “put downs” between this bickering pair… until John has the final say with the help of his trusty leather belt that he whips off! You can see some images taken from the 14 minute film below!






This is out now and there’s a free movie preview HERE if you’re interested!

Incidentally, it is really hard to make Donna’s bum turn red, she can take a hell of a thrashing… but as you can see, I was determined to make sure she got the message 🙂 I really liked this film, and was such a “Klutz” that I thought this had already gone out… so was pleasantly surprised to see that it hadn’t and so it easily jumped the update list to today… hope you like it as much as I did making the film!

Oh, and if you haven’t already – Check out our most competitive membership pricings to suit just about everyone. the direct link for the pricing guide is RIGHT HERE – Which I think will remain like this for a while, so seriously… make the most of this, it covers non recurring memberships in great detail which should appeal to those who don’t want the hassle of canceling etc 🙂


Over at the Clips4sale site, I added a great movie that was also a lot of fun to make, the Spanking Twister classic – I actually had an email requesting this and they had read my mind as I was in the process of getting it made into the format required for this site, so now you can download parts… or all of this movie, according to your wishes… the exact link for this is below:

Hope you like these updates, as usual, these sort of updates and behind the scenes info are shown here first (naturally). Back soon with my usual round up of what I have been watching elsewhere and my recommendations of the day! Chief.

Arsing About!

I have a hangover from hell… too many bottles of wine, a bottle of Champers and a lock in down the pub meant I was up half the night pissing away half my bodyweight and I haven’t replaced it with water yet… hence I have a head from hell, I’m shrivelled up and it’s a gorgeous day. I’d normally go to the Bookies (betting shop) today as it’s “Grand National” race day, the biggest horse race in the British calendar… I love the queues and the madness of everyone having a punt… doing it online isn’t the same so I won’t bother this year. (Note to self, “If Ruby Walsh rides a winner I shall be annoyed” as I’d bet on anything he rides nowadays!) Outside, the sunshine is hurting me (I think I’ll melt) so I am instead blinking at the screen indoors, behind closed curtains, and have been just goofing about on t’interwebs (as you do sometimes) and I have been really checking out my favorite nonsense like the latest cat pictures and other totally pointless but fun viewing that one can do! Take the infamous “Ceiling Cat” if you have never seen or heard of Ceiling Cat, please grab yourselves an introduction HERE

As you’ll see below, I have my own little introduction for Ceiling Cat – this kitty-kat will watch anything… spankings also fall into this all seeing, all knowing feline!

OK, I think you all might have to suffer me on my little cat craze for the next few weeks – heh heh! Thanks to Punishedbrats for providing me with some lazy inspiration today as my fuzzy head gets round to quickly showing you the latest updates from this fine site! As you saw, Tina (who looks absolutely scrummy in this uniform, btw!) is shown above being punished by mother,Veronica… why?  Well, Tina’s fed up classmate, Amanda, plotted her revenge on Tina who had made her do all the work on a team project and suggested to Veronica that her daughter could use a good spanking! So much to Tina’s dismay, her mom agrees and we (and Ceiling Cat) get to see it all until it’s a glowing red! A few choice images from the movie are below:

Another recent movie which is now available to view in full (I just watched it earlier… it’s a corker!) stars beautiful Lily Anna getting a much needed hard OTK spanking off David and check out Pixie as she sees the state of Lily Anna very sore red bottom in the aftermath… with the Ceiling Cat approval, this is a movie you must not miss!

Finally today, I had featured Dia Zerva recently in a really hot sexually charged punishment with Sinn Sage (you can CLICK HERE if you missed it before) well, this minx has shown up at – so it is with great pleasure that she is now getting the treatment, love and respect that David dishes out so well to potty mouthed madams like her! (No Ceiling cat this time… I didn’t want him peeking from the wall at Dia’s lovely frilly panties and that growing red glow starting to appear from underneath them!)

You can see more of these very latest films with free preview clips on the home page HERE

X Factor Stylee Spankings

Well, I lead such an exciting life… that this past weekend, I attended our local village Pantomime (Dick Whittington) where there wasn’t much thigh slapping from Dick (always played by females) but I did have a few laughs and managed to heckle them when they forgot their lines… I’m so cruel, LOL! & so to Saturday evening, spent in front of a log fire cos it’s so damned cold and the X Factor (then Sunday evening to watch the results). Wowee!

I know my American readers will be like, who cares about “your” X Factor… WTF? But this year we have had the power of the internet keep in a truly woeful singer of Brazilian origin called “Wagner” thanks to us Brits who don’t always like to see smug self righteous gits like Simon Cowell think he can tell us what he wants… I do admire the guy, he has had a lot of success with his various formats and fair play to the fella, but he should have remembered it’s “panto season” here in the UK…and until Wagner was finally voted off last night by falling into the bottom 2… we had a real panto villain spoiling the vote every week thanks to the various internet campaigns to keep him in…but remember, all those telephone votes are megabucks in Mr Cowell’s generously lined pockets, but you could see the relief of Simon Cowell and the “interesting and fascinating” journey that Wagner had led! Check out one of my fave “performances” of wagner below… O-M-G!!!!

This was taken from the Halloween “Special”
& I have to say Meatloaf’s “Bat out of Hell” rendition was priceless!!!

OK, why am I wittering on about X Factor and suchlike? Well, it’s a slow waffling build up to the spankumentary update over at and as you’ll have seen from my previous updates on this, it is starting to build to the epic finale as the spankumentary crew are themselves starting to feel the strains of following these hapless girls around, in the latest installment, all 3 girls are very severely caned, one of the camera crew faint and you get a roaming camera that remains following the action… now as I haven’t featured much of Amy in this, I thought you’d like to see the start of the very latest episode and this long play HD clip is really something Please remember to save the file then use VLAN Player or Real Player (both downloadable from those links) to view the movie clip as it is in their original MP4 high end format!

Ok, if you saw this amazing long play clip you’ll now get the idea of what happens to Leia and Nicole who are next up to receive the hard cane strokes and of course the girls bottoms are on full display – unsurprisingly the girls are becoming more subdued… ah, the effects of cold hard rattan on a girl’s bare bum, eh?

Want to see the Hot Fuzz girls group “Shakey Ass” single release? CLICK HERE 😀

“Now *that* is what it’s all about, we’ve been waiting for you girls to take it like that because you so deserved it!” Imagine having an X Factor spanking judge’s panel – I’d expect them to talk like that… heh heh! You can, of course, see this latest update and all previous episode of this amazing “spankumentary” only from

Oh, before I move on, remember Leia-Ann Woods in her sailor pants image set I had featured previously? Now you just *know* it’s good when Leia really loved the results of this set too, (hardly surprising since she looks an absolute peach in this series!) and check out 4 more choice pics I’ve got for you from the latest updates… if that doesn’t get you thinking about this fine site then “I fear ye be dead from the neck down” 🙁


Crossing over The Atlantic to New Jersey and it’s time to let you all in on a brand new and, I have to say… amazing full movie release from

This month we are introduced to a thieving model tart by the name of “Monet” who, it seems, is lacking in manners and “money” judging from her attempted thievery!!! Models bitching and bratting, that’s bad enough, but stealing? You can imagine He won’t be going lightly in this butt blistering OTK movie – and I can tell you it’s a winner!!! Monet’s pleading, whining and very real tear stained face tells its own story but if you don’t believe me then check out some choice images below and a couple of free clips including the Special Intro Preview Clip and my own special scene I took from this new update where she is getting spanked and starts to blub (the tears are present in the scene)

The below scene is a special clip I made myself so it’s totally exclusive to my blogs – Enjoy!

The full movie, as are ALL the movies are of course far better than what I can show here, and feel free to check out all the free previews of the latest model brats getting their most welcome come-uppance only from the wocked minds of those at

Now I hope these latest updates have the X Factor appeal! Back soon!!! Regards, Chief

Hot Fuzz – Spankumentary

OK, I certainly haven’t been ignoring this wonderful long play series that is refreshing to view… far from it, I have been following the story unfold, but I thought I’d better get this update out unless I get lazy and realise that covering this epic will take too much of my time. OK, so I’m sure you’ll know that this is one of the latest long play movies from the mad folk of NORTHERNSPANKING and they really have surpassed themselves this time. Check out the intro clip, you don’t have to click on these if you may have seen these advertised elsewhere but if you haven’t seen these, then it’s a bit of fun and sets the tone for today’s fun update!

The intro of the girl band and expected worldwide adulation… (or not)

Hmm, you just know that this is going to end in tears, eh? 😀

So who are these girls plucked from obscurity? Who indeed!
“A fly-on-the-wall documentary, following the fate of three girls, plucked from obscurity, on their sometimes painful road to stardom, and becoming the biggest girl band on the planet! Former chav and graffiti artist Amy, Leia-Ann – a glamour model turned actress and Nicole – just out of school, are moulded into Hot Fuzz by their disciplinarian mentor, Andi Switch.

Publicity is what they need but it could also be their downfall – it will certainly be the cause of their most painful thrashing!!”

So, as I type this… their debut single “Shakey Ass” has ripped up through the spanking charts, pop pickers! I also have 5 conveniently cut short clips of this story so far in actual playback quality as the spankumentary follows the antics of the girls, Amy, Leia-Ann, Nicole and their band manager, Andi! (pictured with her back to us far left – no doubt ashamed of these wannabes antics and itching to thrash some sense into them!)

If you haven’t seen or heard the single (heh heh you’re in for a treat, um, I think) then click on the Flash vid below, they are better than cats screeching or the Spice Girls, I promise (kind of) 😉

OK, so now down to business, what the hell is this all about? NorthernSpanking have this “spankumentary” film following the girls around as they take on London and the world… as you’ll have seen from the promo blurb – what you will see you may find unbelievable, can these brats actually be moulded into a top girl band? Well, you’ll get to meet the girls, get to know them, especially Leia-Ann “I’m not a lesbian” Woods (hmm, what are you doing with fresh faced Nicole, eh?) and you’ll get to see Andi get a spanking and paddling too as well as Amy trying to take over the band, there’s always a gobby one… and as you’ll discover, she’s the one alright!… it’s simply a feast of the spanko senses as you’ll see from the free clips and images that I hope Paul & co don’t string me up for, but I think you’ll DEFINITELY get the idea of what this is all about! Check out the actual clips and images and enjoy the spanking ride courtesy of the good folk at


Yes, there be “Daisy Dukes” aplenty, and lots of girlband girlie wear as you’d expect, and my favouite – bare bottom thrashings you wouldn’t get on the BBC! *Yum!* Check out the 1st couple of clips below that show you what is going on with the girlband…



Leia senses an opportunity, Andi shows the girls the moves required in the latest choreographed session and the girls try to understand what the hell they are supposed to be doing! Clever minxes, aren’t they?


Amy discovers the joys of Jack on the Rocks! (shouldn’t you be practicing?)

Andi takes no nonsense off these girls when they bicker and are unable to do the simplest of dance routines together so it’s no surprise these 3 bright sparks are soon taking turns over Andi’s knee, much to our viewing entertainment, of course! (they should’ve read the small print in their contract that gives andi full and any use of discipline as she sees fit!!!) *note to self: must remember that little wheeze!


Just to keep you up to date check out the 2 other clips I’ve made available of the girls progress and some choice thrashing images, I wish the manager of the Spice Girls had the same idea when they hit the scene in 1997, imagine sorting out a few of those uppity girls eh? I hope you enjoyed a little trip into the mad bad world of this latest Spankumentary that is quite an epic. I particularly enjoyed Lucy’s voice overs (when the girls are “dancing” Andi asks Leia on the right to move off the rug – Lucy quips “We can’t believe she said that either!”) Ahem…anyhoo, members can view the full movie scenes, of course and not just the cliplets I had provided here – I highly recommend it, lots of girl spankings, bitching and plenty of comedy moments to make this a spanktacular!




Remember that there is a load more on offer with your membership from this fine site, check it out and see for yourself! Right, I’m off to practice my dance moves and hope that the girls have merchandise so I can blindly spend my hard earned pennies on these vacuous beauties, welcome to the world of POP! 😀

Anyone help me out here?

“This is why I luvs da internetz…innit?” We can all help each other out from time to time… This is a tough one! I got this in my mail earlier today so I’m sending this out with hopes one of you fine folk will have the know-how to make this damn thing work! If anyone of you electronic wizards knows how to connect a surround sound DVD/VCR, please let me know.

My nice neighbour lady keeps asking me for help and the missus is complaining about all the time I am spending over there. I’m really struggling here and of course not writing enough on the ol’ blogs cos of it!

Click on the schematics below for a clearer picture of what the hell is going on, I need some help. Thanks.
Chief (in desperation!)