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Lazy Amber gets a rough spanking!

Jeez, this gal is just getting hotter and hotter…can you believe Amber has been online for over 3 years now? That’s a lot of spankalicious content for anyone lucky enough to be a member of either of her sites – or both in a special deal that is advertised on the Home page HERE.

This time you’ll see Amber get spanked for being lazy and surfing on the web while those that care for her are left to sweep & clean up around her, imagine the simmering resentment building up as her man decides to teach her a lesson to stop her “loafing about” so he reddens her butt while she is made to kneel with her ass hanging out & exposed! See the image gallery below:

However, this doesn’t seem to do the trick as Amber continues to brat & laze about avoiding any housework like the washing up as there’s a full sink of dirty dishes still need doing! He decides Amber needs more punishment & takes her bent over, elbows on the kitchen table, then paddled OTK with a nasty wooden spoon!!!

Now this is a classic Amber punishment video, however, you’ll also know that she has been sharing the far more erotic and sexual side of their spanking sessions, as any real couple get up to, and this area they are exploring on film is amazing! You can see the real intimacy and submission of Amber, the mutual pleasure they both derive and to prove this, check out a couple of clips, one of this gorgeous flame haired stunner, ahem, helping out her “Ol’ man…down there” and the other as he spanks and fucks her from behind, with beautiful facial expressions of a gorgeous girl on heat! Enjoy…but please be aware:
The Chief’s TROUSER AROUSAL Settings for viewing are at MAXIMUM, thank you.


OK, as each clip is around 12 or 13Mb long, I’m prepared to have my bandwidth stretched a little (as it’s towards the end of month) but I will be monitoring this so may pull the clips in the long term if I see abuse of it (does anyone else have an issue with bloody Chinese IP addresses ripping all your content??) so my advice to you good folk that really wish to view more of Amber is to take a peek now…otherwise, of course, you can watch the FULL MOVIES HERE

Never checked out Amber’s site? This is one very naughty pain slut, I urge you to check her out, here are some choice images taken from the last year or so!







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