SpaceTime Spankings

I was mucking about when I was checking some images and saw the image below capturing the motion of the spanking across Hannah’s very delectable bum from Well, it got me thinking, as I had watched the full movie and she got quite a spanking…as you’ll see if you click on my “Motivational SpaceTime Poster” Anyway, thought I’d share it with you…enjoy and have a great weekend! Chief.

This is another EXCLUSIVE movie and I’m becoming a MASSIVE fan of Hannah, she looks so cute, she’s actually being punished because she’s dropped out of Uni and come back home – Home to strict rules and of course a BARE Bottom punishment for her failure.

2 thoughts on “SpaceTime Spankings

  1. Dave

    I believe you are misinformed. You can not break through the space/time continuum, even if you have access to the matrix. Only a true vortex portal will allow you to gain access to a future event horizon.


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